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What's wrong with the Madden 21 coins

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    September 23

    That really is a microcosm of what's wrong with the Madden 21 coins yearly sports franchises.Covid likely made this specific game even worse. Sending people home can really throw any project off its schedule, so I imagine even more corners had to be trimmed to meet with the release.5- It is the first Madden game using its last stretch developed by men and women working at home.6- EA probably can't miss a deadline due to the offer.It does not excuse everything but come on, the movie is absurd.7- The bulk of the development team moved on toCould someone who plays Madden tell me what is really wrong with the game?

    I'm an NFL fan although not a Madden player so I know nothing about this game aside from that Lamar's about the cover.Aside from the many visual glitches (it's possible to see numerous glitches from the movie between 2:00 and 4:00), you have glitches in which the QB will not go under center, resulting in a fumbled snap. You've got imperceptible players on one group (all 11 players won't appear ).Plenty of bugs inside this clearly unfinished game, and that's just the real bugs. The gameplay is no different from any other year, franchise style was almost completely ignored, QB's can still throw across their own body with perfect precision 50 yards downfield. The CPU is completely broken in how it approaches the match (it runs exactly the very same plays over and over again and it's not even a challenge to play it). It's just a garbage fest.

    There is still a vibrant online community. Annual roster updates, plenty of great online dynasties for all ability levels.Can you point to buy Mut 21 coins some Madden release where all of this stuff wasn't a problem? Like when was the last'clean' well received variant?Madden 2012 is pretty well regarded as the final"great" Madden. 13 is where they took a ton of features and headed from the MTX path.Damn so I guess the entire EA sports lineup was just mad in 2012 since FIFA 12 (maaaaaaaaybe 13) was the final FIFA I ever enjoyed.IIRC the real game changer was when Ultimate Team turned into a thing.