I think the most contentious portion of RuneScape

  • I will be collecting the best clan titles from the suggestions thread and RuneScape gold then upload them into a poll right here on our Facebook page. From there, you can all vote on the top one. The future will be ours. I'm saving up for my dream armour (now have about 42 mil) and now I want to know what u guys think of it. Berserker helm (dont want to do the search to acquire neitz for the extra 3 prayer bonus). We dont want to hear things such as"get fire cape, barrows gloves, zerker ring (I), and neitz." I know these things are better than what I posted, but my aim isnt to receive them. They may be in my second target, but all those items are very time consuming and difficult to get, or just not worth my time right now. Now for my rationale with this particular armour...

    This really is a great non degradable installment. Its ideal for pvp in a safe area (cw, duels, ect...) since it's great range protection, slash protection, and wonderful strength bonus. The reason I use the dfs rather than the d def is because bandos gives little slash defense compared to other armours. This offsets the bad defense and provides 1 extra str bonus.

    When coaching in areas where damage taken is not a factor (pc), I will replace the dfs with the d def. This will yield 124 slash attack bonus and 120 str bonus. What do you guys think? Do you like it? I think the most contentious portion of this armour is the dfs in place of the def in pvp. I think it'll work and I see many high levels utilize a dfs using bandos for your reasons ive stated above.

    This manual is a half as dumb as murdering them yourself if you only cannon. Requirments: 70+ Ranged. A crossbow. Mith Grapple, Mith Bolts and up (If you want kill yourself). A rope if you have never been at the GWD. Cannon balls. Food or Prayer pots (Prayer Pots only in the event that you've got less than 70 defence.) Bones to peaches tabs (If your killing them ). Tele's. Method of getting there. Ammunition, Mithril or addy bolts (Bolt racks if utilizing Karil's) Weapon, Rune c'bow or Karil's c'bow. Shield, Granite protect (None if utilizing Karil's). Measure 1. Getting there. Sorry but this manual would be too long. On youtube theres a whole lot's of vids on Aviansies but not this way. You can use this to get into the GWD. Step 2. Go south till you hit a pit using a rod to grapple into Aramadyl's Eryie. Head west to get into the boss room. Step 3. Set it up. Dont enter. Select fire and it should be killing all the Aviansies and Spirtual monsters.

    Now pick up all the Spoils! The xp sum is devstating, more than regularly killing themif acctually fighting with them. Be certain that you keep the ranged bonuses high for your cannon. You can alch the limbs and daggers but I love to sell them. Plus most of you can stay here for months on end with this out being boring. All thanks , Tcmp3. No copying allowed. This is my home. OK I fixed some of the spelling as I left out 1 letter on some of the words spelled reddish"ren". And yes you may use the cannon but cheap RS gold sometimes monster's knock it down.