If you are using a PSO2 body

  • The simple fact that it's described to PSO2 Meseta be as straightforward as a block change definitely seems to create the hint that New Genesis is likely going to be significantly more substantial than how PSO2es was handled and whether or not it carries about the upcoming content of this game I am excited to know players that now enjoy what there is (or want to be comfortable with what there is) are not suddenly made to drop everything because it doesn't look like the original game is perishing or being shutdown at any time soon due to how New Genesis appears to coexist with the present game.

    They also cleverly avoided the issue on cooperation and Voice licenses with this move as it is basically the exact same game so all collab things are still valid. Mad lads SEGA pulling one of the greatest expansion without leaving behind the old sport in the exact same customer lol. NGS the game will function as a separate block, you can basically think of it like PVP/Battle Arena and Challenge Quest.

    All NGS-specific fashions are essentially better: they seem better, have more customizations accessible, and you are able to move your fingers together. Seems like Sega can't retroactively change PSO2 fashions into NGS fashions, your character is basically either going to become PSO2 or NGS model based on what outfit/wear/part they have on. It's from this that some incompatibilities might employ.

    Well, I'm presuming for anything that doesn't instantly port out, the question comes down to if that mechanic has any reason to exist. I'm supposing that the gathering system (or the one we have) is not going to be in NGS, at least on release. Probably same with all the crafting system. So there will not really be enough things to utilize a material storage for.

    Body paint has the same limit as other clothes: if you are using a PSO2 body, then you can still use PSO2 body paint. If you're using an NGS physique, it is possible to just use NGS body paint. As soon as you equip an NGS outfit/basewear/innerwear item, you can not use any PSO2 clothes"mixed and matched" along with all the NGS stuff. You need to devote to 1 game's style for clothing/body paint.

    If I'm reading it correctly, it looks like Inventory Expansion does not continue, but Storage Expansion does." You will own different"Inventory" involving PSO2 and PSO2:NGS, and information about expansions will not be shared."" Just because so far we know mags don't have any stat advantage today. My biggest concern is they're going to strip out major components such as the ability trees and subclassing and be just like every other MMO out there today void of options. Edit: I know this might be innocuous as it might mean they're just different abilities or certain classes might not be 1:1, but I keep stressing we are likely to buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta have another WoW or FF14 on our hands where they gradually cut everything that isn't cosmetic from the game.