I continue to re install PSO2 NA

  • Just what the name says pretty much. Sometimes it's not even after I turn off Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta my PC, however whenever I leave it on sleep mode immediately. Anyone know a cure for this? I'm tired of needing to reinstall it to get an whole day when I want to play it. Will I be able to play on the NA servers and also have my characters out of NA? It's true, you uninstall any hint of PSO2 and install completley via tweaker, it needs a bit of techy knowledge but guide for it is pretty comprehensive. The very"techy" thing you will have to do would be to enable Developer Mode on Windows 10 and go to the folder where you will install teh match to put the PowerShell script there. After you conduct the PowerShell script, then you'll have the Microsoft Store version set up, linked, and totally detached from the Microsoft Store.

    Not completely true, if he's got PSO2 installed on his computer even if he uninstalls it through control panel there is still a folder sitting out there with over 60gb of data only rotting that he would need to go in and manually remove. If you are talking about the PSO2 Tweaker's setup, then that thankfully then isn't really protected by additional permissions along with the users can easily delete these documents in that circumstance. If you're referring to the Microsoft Store installation and the files associated with this, the PSO2 Tweaker's PowerShell script (at least on my end) eliminated those documents as part of the cleanup process. It isn't too hard once you have tools like 7zip accessible but I would recommend being careful about what you are deleting only to be certain.

    Yea, simply install it to c:/PSO2 then you'll need to download about 11gb in the me shop and you are done. Establish PSO2 tweaker every time and check for upgrades and you are good to go. "The download the initial 11gb in the Microsoft Store" remains likely to deletions and saves on WindowsApps\Modifiable Programs. Two computers of mine were installed this way and both got their matches wiped. Within this scenario tweaker handles downloading the updates to the installation folder and windows can delete your game.

    On the tweaker you can select you haven't set up PSO2 and it will download the game for you. This is where you may pick the install directory in which a folder outside Program Files (such as the C:.) is advocated and not to install on Program Documents or other windows generated folders. This will make it completely independent from the shop and nothing will have the ability to touch your files.

    I'd the tweaker along with the tweaker is not currently working for me. I've reinstalled PSO2 4 times now and whenever that I start the tweaker it asks me to start a microsoft program to launch pso2, it all leads to the PSO2 microsoft shop. AFAIK PSO2 isn't more than 100 gigs. So there shouldnt be a reason for it. I've been playing the tweaker because june 1st, but its totally borked rather than working correctly for me. I'm downloading PSO2 throughout the Microsoft store expecting that is the only PSO2 it may download. I've been at this for buy meseta pso2.