The Daeyalt essence mine's launch in RS

  • In light of the release of runescape gold 2007 the Daeyalt essence mine, could the regular character mine be reworked to provide more pure essence each hour through some combination of rising the mining speed, making it a searchable source that's traded for pure character and/or including a deposit box into the essence mine. As it stands now character mining is not even a good option for ironmen as a source of getting pure character, Temple Trekking and PvM provides a great deal more pure character each hour as well as the other incentives to perform those tasks.

    I think that it makes sense thematically as well as from RuneScape balance perspective to have the essence mine be the default option for gamers seeking to assemble essence for themselves. Additionally, as Daeyalt character mining has been polled as an alternative to standard pure character that doesn't increase overall exp per hour once you account for mining time, buffing traditional character mining in this manner will be required for pure essence to be a viable alternative to Daeyalt essence for players gathering their own character.

    The way is that each and every increasing form replaces the use of the past. Nobody uses regular rune essence (out of maybe f2p ironmen or something). And outside of lava runes, pure essence is replaced by daeyalt. Considering that NMZ and Zulrah nobody has ever mined pure character, and now monsters shed it than ever. Hell you don't even have to craft your own runes in the first place farm Zalcano or maybe drakes if you want natures. It is a true shame every time that they ruin by adding resources of skilling stuff skilling.

    Character and essence that was rune used to be the exact same thing, they were divided to an essence which could be used in temperament and P2P that can be used in F2P to battle F2P robots. A decision that was undermined by adding methods to flood and farm RuneScape with character faster than the mining bots ever could, such as NMZ. Leading to the paradoxical situation where essence costs than rune essence.

    You're correct, it is a shame and this suggestion is aimed at creating the skilling method at least viable again for at least ironmen. It's a little inquire, but it's pretty apparent that the fact that PvM has ruined and swallowed everything else in RuneScape is never going to be addressed. The boss slayer blog is just additional proof that this is actually the way RuneScape is currently going to buy OSRS gold continue in.