That player base will allow OSRS stop from growing

  • Remeber warding? I was totaly up for that, why can we smith armour and cheap RuneScape gold hide sets but not magical equipment? Make's no sense what so ever. And most important that is NOT a RS3 skill, it's a different way from RS3 history, feel me? Dude, we do not play RuneScape just we perform because it is fun. Nostalgia for me would be to get a moment of memories which I had earlier, feel that's amazing, but you can feel that 24/7 now. People should stop considering OSRS as 10-15 year game and think about it now. I really like the images of it but I really want it to be good, we have technology AF at the moment, that may make amazing things. They could add the choice for one to play with RuneScape the way that you desire.

    You need old images? Just click a button. That's possible right now. Remeber? Why people complaning about that? That is rather playerbase RuneScape do not require. That player base will allow OSRS stop from growing. If you think as OSRS just a"nostaligic" match, the only players that will keep playing are the previous ones, and we're getting old AF. Anyways, OSRS will need to create history, it need new abilities, it need more places to see, it require more creature to slay, that's a fact. But let RS3 maintain that summoning and dunge background and add a new one for OSRS. Cause both games today, don't share the same background anymore.

    I would agree that it's much more and way more articles diverse content. To get bossing you can perform anything from conventional supervisors to raids for experiences that are completely different. I would say the main matter osrs lacks is as big of a minigame presence. Pre eoc had plenty of different minigames to playwith. In case osrs had all of the minigames I am not sure whether they would actually get the exact same amount of use as back but it is one thing that I miss about the old days pre eoc. There was a massive clan scene round minigames also which kept players who are maxed interested in playing. Now on OSRS after maxing there's only really pet searching, and if you are not interested, there's zero reason to playwith.

    I can not think you are an outlier here. Pre EOC RuneScape was really complete with a lot more content for a lot of players, but not just the pvm community. OSRS is much better in relation to bossing, but minigame wise, it does not hold a candle. Stealing creation, and soul wars are only two that are much superior than anything presently and needs to be brought back. Dungeonerring is raids, but BIS using untradeables, and a lot better reward method. Quest shrewd is was much superior, and images wise far superior. People today hate the citadels, but to me it made being in a clan greater than simply. No one would have requested for OSRS if development of battle never arrived. Which reminds me.

    2007 was the focal point. It's been 2007. We can add more fucking content than simply benefits pick players and allows new people to join and enjoy what we all enjoyed growing up. I enjoy playing RuneScape and do intend to acquire the journal cape. However, I do not really find it that rewarding to grind directly to that goal anymore. I believe like the OSRS youtube\twitch streams has influenced the way we look at RuneScape along with what exactly we want to do in it. When you get to the point where you're at, things take so long to do that it clearly is not worthwhile for me and I will do minigames or buy RS gold make laboratory balances or something.