NBA2K 2K20 Feedback & 2K21 Wishlist

  • Position locks, but make it more rigid. I believe that the greatest example of mt nba 2k21 this I can find is 2k seem to provide players a place based on elevation. This should be based off what the players have played. An example of this would be a younger durant may play SG and SF but he wouldn't be as a prime durant who would play PF or SF. They might launch a PG giannis but he would not be as dominant as giannis who has not played with PG. That's it. Game mode?? that is fixed. Non of these would require any match engine modifications since they are easy limitations. They want to compare it they ought to take a look at the reconciliation of trading card games. I think this would benefit 2k as they would be able to release more cards, such as multiple cards of the player with either position or a different tier.

    Like most, I like to play with Team Pro-Am because its rivalry. I am decent at 2k and was able to hit at # 23 about the leaderboards on Xbox this year going 30-0 in. After we struck on Pro-Bronze rep it is nearly impossible to find a match on the internet. In order to find matches, we had been made to disband our team. Since we hit Pro-Bronze, we needed to repeat this multiple times. It is annoying because I enjoy creating courtroom, our emblem, and jersey designs but'm compelled to sing them every time. The team titles do not seem to reset so I would need to find methods to rename our staff without needing to make a logo for a new name once you delete them either.

    Caring about our staff record and team rep supplies more significance to the matches and gives us something. Needing to delete our team removes that component for a whole lot of us. Please find a way. This matchmaking issue in Team includes a trickling impact to the Rec experience, although I hate playing against AI's because of leavers or blowing opponents while playing with rec. Folks resort to playing at the Rec over Team Pro-Am since its much easier to find games. I hate playing solo at the rec or park because a great deal of individuals are great.

    Usually if my friends are not on I don't play online with my MyPlayer, even though I would like to because I despise the adventure of playing solo. Including a solo queue ranked manner to park or rec would be amazing. Pair us according to our wins and losses so everybody can play inside their rank. Look at games such as Overwatch, Rocket League or League of Legends as examples. Pick on your role - Big, Wing, or Guard and play matches with a better experience. Adding the aspect gives more meaning too to the games and would be a fun element.

    Users should definitely have the option to turn it off. I'd consider myself a player - been playing since 2k9 - after I discovered about each of them them turned on, although I forget what year equally attributes were respectively installed. And, I still find myself turning those features on in 2k20. In bizarre pick-n-roll scenarios I find it very useful when the indicator"SWITCH" pops up over my involved teammate's head, as opposed to simply popping up. Me then having to guess if the AI is going to change, and having to trust the tiny indicator at my feet pointing me in the overall direction of mt for sale 2k21 my mission. You have the capability, this would only be a no brainer in my thoughts. It might increase the casual 2k/NBA fan's experience.