A suggestion for the Largest Item Sink in Old-School Runescape'

  • I think it's a good idea but requires refinement: Folks would only move their things to cheap OSRS gold be at the top end of the 10%, there by pushing the normal GE price, wash and repeat and the cost of the thing on that day will likely bloat very sharply. If issue 1 is than players will inventory pile items and wait to market on the day, as it is the price and an payout could be manipulated. I believe that there needs to be a lockdown on the price of the day's thing, prior to it being shown as the item of the day.

    Perhaps a different mechanic may be used, such as the item of the afternoon is worth 1.1X it's average GE value in gold should you fall it directly in the hole. It's 10% less expensive on average to throw the items in for the pet. I assume this could be mistreated that the in the ways I listed above but just a thought. Could also address it by not telling us exactly what item has been sunk. There's zero practical reason for us understanding it besides to abuse it do not tell us. I'm sure some people may figure it out, but they would be imagining, and they could also change up the thing to 2-3 objects rotating during the day or any variety of solutions to deal with people abusing it.

    I meant like when a product is chosen we would know almost immediately, not ahead (you could attempt to predict ahead of time but that may not be precise like you said). How I read OP's layout there will be a huge number of those'sunken item' after it is chosen removed from the market. So this spike in item sells and/or associated rapid change in the supply/demand curve could be an instantaneous alarm bell. Any marginally efficiently trained algorithm would be able to pick these sink items up (presuming they were actually having an influence on the market, which if they are not, then what is the point). With the method I am describing it wouldn't be something you could call beforehand but it would be something which you would know fairly quick once it happened.

    More broadly, I am just pointing out that its very tough to'hide' an artificial restriction (at least one which produces a significant impact) on a market if there is sufficient data readily available on the market. Demand curves and item prices are revealing on stuff like that. By having a list of items instead of one that are randomly selected or jumped around like obfuscating there might be workarounds. If executed word for 16, but it would definitely be a problem for OP's design.

    Make it an instant occurance that happens at the end of the gold dump. If 10billion is tossed the correlating GE earnings of the arbitrary thing that was unknown are purchased out. No notification of it happening. No opportunity for abuse. Yeah thats not a bad thought. To minimize abuse potential even farther I'd also suggest making the buyouts occur at random intervals, to prevent people from only stockpiling random items and then posting them at 9.9% over market place right before the buyout occurs. So if the buyouts are random its still possible to buy old school runescape gold do so, but you'd be sacrificing all your GE slots to get things sitting there all of the time so it would be more of a bet.