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  • xiao1236 xiao1236 recognized this.Yesterday, who lives in the south side of the ball of stone to the reporter Zhang told reporters that someone disguised as a wooden floor manufacturers after-sales service, claiming to come to provide free floor maintenance, but in reality is to sell a high price of floor oil. According to Ms. Zhang introduced the end of September last year, balcony floor she received a claim to be a brand of wood flooring after-sales service of the phone, made for Ms. Zhang free service. "Enthusiastic after-sales" the next day to send a man door. "He entered the door and shook his head, said that we do not pay attention to the maintenance of the floor, the need for professional floor oil." Ms. Zhang said. premade plastic fence panels In order to encourage Ms. Zhang to buy, the man also took out the floor to carry the oil to demonstrate, "shopping malls to sell more than 500 yuan, and now we engage in activities, preferential users, two bottles as long as 370 yuan." That the man is the factory service staff, Ms. Zhang immediately money to buy. Yesterday, Ms. Zhang once again received the factory after the phone, plastic laminate floor for exterior
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