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    April 18, 2019 11:06 AM CEST

    STRASBOURG Jimmy Smith Color Rush Jersey , Jan. 12 (Xinhua) -- The sixth edition of the European Bioethics Forum, whose program was presented here to the press on Tuesday, will examine the question of ""the normal and the pathological"" this year.


    ""How should we think of Alzheimer's dementia? How does society treat the mentally ill? What is there to do when confronted with psychopaths? Bear the child of another: is it slavery or solidarity?"" Questions such as these and more will animate the free debates between scientists of renown and the public, while touching on ever pressing concerns in a European society confronted with an aging population, growing psychological sicknesses and strong shifts in perspective provoked by research.


    ""The European Bioethics Forum has for its mission to render all manner of bioethics questions accessible. It is a week of exchange between experts and the public at large in order to consider how humans are confronted by scientific progress which touches the body,"" summarized Nadia Aubain, co-founder and director of the event alongside French doctor and geneticist Jean-Louis Mandel, director of the biomedical research center of the University Hospitals of Strasbourg.


    ""Humans and society change faster and faster, at a vertiginous speed for those who look out the window. In past centuries, one barely saw or didn't see the transformations on the generational scale. Today, the means to reproduce oneself is put into question, the means to think and to document oneself is modified and it is becoming difficult to sift the true from the false in the constant flux of information which flows past all of us,"" explained Nadia Aubain.


    Organized every year in Strasbourg, the European Bioethics Forum has been as well received by the public as by the scientific community. Its success resides not only in its openness to the general public, but also in its interdisciplinary approach which allows physicians, researchers and neurobiologists to rub shoulders equally with philosophers, sociologists and writers.


    The 2016 edition will be especially notable for the presence of French philosopher Roger Pol-Droit, who will launch the inaugural debate on the question of pathological norms. ""Where to place the threshold between the normal and the pathological? Who decides this threshold? Is it the same for everyone? Can it change according to location and era?""


    Other well-known guests will include Andre Compte-Sponville, member of the French Consulting Committee on Ethics, author of 20 books translated into 24 languages, and former French health minister, pediatrician Jean-Francois Mattei, who will give a conference titled, ""Does medicine lead to transhumanism?""


    This year, organizers of the European Bioethics Forum made the choice to extend the program in order to give deeper considerations into themes pursued since the inaugural 2011 edition: aging and end of life issues, procreation and the family, the human body in separate pieces, the brain and its behaviors, as well as money and health.


    According to the organizers, the event has brought together nearly 67,500 participants and 900 experts over the course of five years, and benefits from a large international audience thanks to social networks and internet streaming.


    Business > International BusinessTop 5 Benefits of Business Registration in Hong Kong

    Posted by Flexkin in Business on September 25th, 2013


    Hong Kong is an all-embracing city with leading-edge technology, and the gratuitous harbor for trading in the world. It is considered as an acclaimed business hub, preeminently when it comes to financial markets. It provides avant-grade business situations for businessmen and entrepreneurs.


    It is to be noted that a Hong Kong company name has to end with the word "limited". Apart from this, a Business registration certificate is extremely crucial for incorporating almost any business in Hong Kong.


    Hong Kong is considered as the third biggest financial ports in the world. Companies can make the most of an excellent transport system, sound legal system, no exchange control, +and an efficient communication network. Hong Kong is acknowledged as the freest economy in the world. The benefits to set up Hong Kong Company are as follows:


    Here are the top 5 advantages of Hong Kong company registration:


    1. Social and Political Environment
    Hong Kong is contemplated as an exceedingly competent business centre and the 2nd most economically sound countries in the world. It provides balanced economic and political environment along with excellent legal system. Since Hong Kong has renowned international status, organizations can make the most of all the facilities offered by the country.


    2. Location
    Hong Kong is in proximity to China; this helps the venture capitalists capture the Mainland China market. It takes only an hour to reach the world’s esteemed manufacturing region, the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. Statistics show that this region produces 30% of China’s exports. Hong Kong is geographically located in the centre of Asia, and therefore, can provide some excellent links to intercontinental markets. Thus, business registration in Hong Kong is very beneficial.


    3. Infrastructure
    Hong Kong is unquestionably one of the most putative and advanced cities in the world. It has accomplished infrastructure such as IT, telecommunication, transportation, and utilities. It adequately uses the top-notch international airport with estimable systemization facilities making it one of the most favored business hubs.


    4. Policy and Taxes
    Hong Kong offers simple tax system and hence companies incorporated here have a great advantage because of the same. Hong Kong is unquestionably an international tax haven.


    5. Company Registration Requirements
    Company registration process in Hong Kong is extremely simple and elementary. It is considered . Wholesale Custom Jerseys   Wholesale College Jerseys   Cheap Air Huarache   Cheap Air Huarache   Cheap Air Huarache Blue   Cheap Air Huarache Ultra   Cheap Air Huarache Gold   Cheap Air Huarache Burgundy   Air Jordan 4 For Sale   Jordan 4 Shoes For Sale