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Pandora is a brand that delights mothers and daughters alike!

  • April 13, 2019 4:46 AM CEST

    Today sees the global launch of Pandora’s brand new jewellery line, pandora charms sale. The collection is more decorative than Pandora’s traditional jewellery, and has some similarities in concept with the older Pandora Essence line, although it is much more contemporary in style.The Pandora collection comes in silver, Pandora Rose and Pandora Shine. The core pieces and charms are offered in all three finishes, and offer nice opportunities for symmetry through mixing the different versions of each piece. Today’s post looks forward to our next big Pandora release pandora charms precios, with an overview of the Pandora Winter 2018 collection! This is in some ways traditional for Pandora, with icy and celestial charms contrasted with bold and cheerful festive beads. However, there are some more off-the-wall and quirky options thrown in to mix things up a little! Today sees the global launch of the pandora disney collection, and to celebrate I have HQ images, live shots and commentary on all the new beads to celebrate! This collection sees new additions to the popular range of Snow White charms, and a brand new addition to the Pandora Disney range.For those who are unaware, Pandora do not currently want their Disney collections previewed in advance, although I am trying to see whether there might be any leeway on this going forward. In the meantime, read on for a full look at the Pandora Disney Autumn 2018 collection! Today’s post casts an eye over the pandora joyeria collection, which launched worldwide back at the end of May. With bright colours, festival themes and the odd tassel, it offers a mix of novelty, seasonal charms and more classic beads that have a more timeless style to them. never covered this launch due to issues that cropped up during my agreed preview schedule with Pandora. Since coming back to the blog, however, I asked you guys whether you’d be interested in hearing my belated thoughts on these Summer charms and bracelets, and it was nice to hear that some of you would! It also seemed kind of therapeutic to finally be posting it!