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The distance is the biggest enemy

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    November 22, 2018 7:27 AM CET

    Be shot a beginning from the first T-26, in less than 40 minutes, the tank regiment that is sliced man by the row plum to conceal to be secret weapon whole army is routed!Not only 32 tanks T-26s are all Russell Wilson Authentic Jersey destroyed, connect be sent by Stalin to the KV1 tank of great and earnest hope, also at be destroyed 25 after, also finally control not to live to fear, stretch out flag of surrender in succession.But a camp only lose a 25, there are also a 36 damages. Li Jin stands on the car and hope soldier the arm facial expression of Gao Ju Shuang is like the pulling of soil text Si radicle colonel under the gun muzzle, tiny tiny on smiling, then fiercely threw away Shaquem Griffin Authentic Jersey cigarette butt to stand. Accompanying with is moving, let Li Jin and Chinese armored force from now on world famous electricity text, tile private south the front door thoroughly open.When electricity the text spread each troops after, head the batch land the troops is together also like sandstorm, gobble up the whole beard the province of Si Tan. After annihilation pulls the KV1 tank regiment of the radicle of text Si, Li Jin leads of Chinese national defense soldier army 22 independence armor regiment one camp and infantry camp only took a rest half Tyler Lockett Authentic Jersey an hour, with later on rush through come of the sixth Mo tread teacher two camps together, 17 KV1 tanks take to pay to get, strong line of start aggression to the sweet sand generation.Face sweet Su of sand generation the soldier artillery and 20 BT7 tankses, Li Jin covers infantry by 17 KV1 tanks, then spreads one to take row as unit and make use of flat of the geography start impact to Su's soldier at the same time from the all directions. Although station in Su's soldier here 70 infantry divisions to spare no effort holdout, helpless anti-tank means shortage, and then lose to make empty power, finally in the artillery camp drive sea sail the dive bomber and tank destroy, two legs run however have to raise flag of surrender to surrender under the circumstance of tank. Short short five hours, DeSean Jackson Authentic Jersey first establish a heavy type of the Fu whole Jianses with an armor camp tank regiment, then again an armor camp three infantry camp whole Jian Su's soldiers are a whole plait infantry division, kill 1,000 remainings, capture to be up to more 7,000!Still have what than this more shocking results in battle?With as for connect Sung son of Peking pure after receiving this war bulletin, all think to is a fun, also before letting point again confirm just dare to believe.