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want to fight to almost want to go crazy

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    November 22, 2018 7:12 AM CET

    Yang Qiu's early years makes his two uncles a to develop in Brazil and establish American China company in the Brazil, and the seedling Luo get married behind again America to the court income bag in, Rob Gronkowski Authentic Jersey take out to adjust from it many people help, world's biggestly and soon dissolving coffee factory is American China company now.Soon dissolve after coffee make money, Brazil's American China company invested industries, such as rubber and shipbuilding...etc. again, it is said that still bought a big slice of land, end connect Yang Qiu of first term guard's chief's thunder Be fierce to all shine on to see business to there.These affair everyone are knowing, for the sake of this Persian gulf replenishment, Yang Qiu still allows Brazil's American China companies to collect more than 70 ships, continuously transports food and supplies especially to the sand and returns a secret to send ten several ten thousand ton ammunitions. However battle Sony Michel Authentic Jersey fire in Persian gulf is just prosperous currently, wave orchidology house is not is would like to come to R.O.C to still can not know. "Exert personnel to listen to life in a sky."Yang Qiu puts to turn to open a topic.After all experience more than 20 years, in addition to master class scientist, compulsory education and male parties after studying abroad the tide the foundation studies a talented person the domestic is no longer to lack very much, bad of is backlog and experience just.He concerns war situation in Persian gulf more now and passes the war bulletin on the table to 2 people:"This is the white Chong the Xi deliver come of, 11:00 A.M., the troops has already landed to go ashore.He makes Tom Brady Authentic Jersey collective report to say, Su's soldier has already been divided into now three, respectively to Ba Dan and the sand He Pu Er harbor and the inside space harbor, prepare to exterminate us to be on-line in the coast." The Yue Peng pickeds up war bulletin and walk to the map front to mark out a situation one by one after, but suddenly wrinkly knit the brows. "How, see out?" "H'm."The Yue Peng lets go of war bulletin, a bit disappointed of shake:"White the Chong Xi is some to keep.See his meaning, be want to eat up tile private three soldiers of the this place, look like steady but falter not Su soldier's groundwork in Iran.If I, should with Ba Dan for false attack, with inside space harbor is main, quickly debarkation behind make use of infantry to keep Alvin Kamara Authentic Jersey putting the method of Yi Si is rare with database Mu, the machine declines small troops to block up Di at the same time rich Lei, with one action cut off south north contact!" Yang Qiu secretly orders, Yue Peng not the Kui is a national defense soldier best great commander, a see an Iran plateau in fact and isn't suitable for armored brigade to quickly add, on the contrary more suitable light infantry activity.Is regrettable white the Chong Xi still insist steadily and at every step for the camp military tactics.It was Jiang Fang to pour earthquake to smile:"Anne of the son is getting wronger, white Chong Xi affirmation knows the function of light infantry, I see him is worry replenishment and depletion problem too much.