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they will definitely be beginning for these two days

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    November 22, 2018 6:59 AM CET

    "Especially Luo Li Ke comrade!Do you wear a soldier to pack on the first day?Our ride soldiers be all killed by explosion?There is no an airplane on all sides?!"The row plum Zuo man fire emits three Zhangs, a pull Jadeveon Clowney Authentic Jersey and tie up the last gauze at the arm.The staff officer of complexion deadly pale hurriedly nods the contact of thinking way each troops of instauration, also from find out several pair I-15 wingses fighter jets that can take off in the field battle airport of outskirts, let them investigate and inform an order. But the I-15 just takes off, like the steppe gadabout wild wolf sort, two Jians six"double head Jiao"(the preceding paragraphs thunder and lightning is a Jian seven, the hippo beats wrong) fighter jets Tyrann Mathieu Authentic Jersey hurtled to come over from the seaside.Pay three price that is shotted down, surplus two I-15s just depend on a pair of wings machines to naturally hover around ability and rush through before oneself is shotted down Er virtuous Soviets the 87th to ride soldier's teacher to throw down to hide iron bottle of having the order toward the sand He Er database. More than 6,000 Gao Jia Suos ride a soldier to take the cleft that Chinese air force's homeward voyage encourages and run about wildly to the south, Su's soldier of the shell He shell grounds, such as man and card Ze Lun...etc. two teachers also in succession to inside the Luo harbor rush through.But when they go down south in succession, another fleet has already arrived Arabian river Will Fuller V Authentic Jersey river mouth 40 kilometers of sea surface up."The check ventilates a tube, the attention doesn't want to let the sea water get into a motor!Qiu Du want to notice, run into a Yu sand unimportant piece, can reverse the car first.After going ashore not want to stop, with troops scatter behind also not have to be panic, accompany with the war ally of neighborhood as far as possible, up will have an airplane protection night the day before yesterday we.Remember!Must have the initiative to protect infantry.Three young tigers send down the heat preservation ice box after an hour.Outside of the temperature is very high, there is ice bag in the heat preservation box, can reduce the heat for you.The hand grenade and land mine that is careful of enemy's infantry, don't easily explore successful in career, Mo Xin Na is sweet to Adam Vinatieri Authentic Jersey is a kind of very quasi- rifle!Before having never ended and fighting, who all prohibit to open cabin cover airiness, Be getting more understand?!" Mt. Heaven 51 the number debarkations are inside the warship, Li Jin is giving an account the important point of landing operation.Come from five lake the four seases the young armored forceses taking part in war for the very first time are all some strain, because everyone unexpectedly will land in advance.Original press plan, the debarkation should arrange at 2:00 p.m., the sunlight in this time is the strongest, and the disadvantage battles at the infantry.But who also have never thought sea the air force will beat so smoothly, so originally plan's wanting to carry on an above air attack of four-wheeler be terminated, white Chong Xi and staff officer department research behind decide to land in advance.