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factory also all turns into a wartime system

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    November 22, 2018 6:34 AM CET

    Disorder most of still tile private, this south of Iran is biggest to is also the most important military key figure, already Che thoroughly the bottom become Su soldier fortress.Gift Sa sweat in bar of England Julius Peppers Authentic Jersey invade consume the hard works that the huge sum builds cheapness the Soviets, oil-field and oil refinery became red property, the dockyard wanted to contribute efforts to the red, the soldier became red political satellite, the airplane was brushed the sign of sickle hammer son, even the railroads of progress symbol in the nation are all taken over to take over, any Irans can not enjoy again to originally belong to their convenient transportation, unique on the railroad can see of be taken over behind machine gun and transporting troops of big gun railroad train.Is vacant that the Iran of discomfort has to hold a house to take to cross a frontier to flow out into Iraq and Kuwait, because they feel the site that there am England, the war can't spread to. However be Iran not to know in the future where, but spread gift Sa sweat to abdicate and become the news of the new king with Ba Lie Wei.A strong person who is subjected to the Yi Ma eyes hostility leaves, Luke Kuechly Authentic Jersey will can't let Iran situation have an amendment?The Iran doesn't know that but the Wei Wei Er general would not like to continue to keep on waiting like this. "Do you exactly want to do what?Do you want to learn Japanese?The English Yi petroleum company is the property of England, have to return to still combine will Ba Dan hand over to British government!" Tile the private's Su the soldier direct inside the department, the commander in chief Wei Wei in Middle East, England Er hurtles Su soldier Persia aspect soldier pair the commander row plum Zuo the man loudly roar.He really can not not become angry!What curlew the clam compete with each other fisherman to make profit, all of that are daydream the broad politicians!From the Su's Arms Control Allen Robinson Authentic Jersey system after Iran, the open British Empire poured eight generation son mildewed.First is greatly not inside private and Ba Dan's English Yi petroleum company be taken military control as by the Soviets to temporarily take over, close behind oil refinery also have no, then very small Kuwait flow out into several 100,000 Iran refugees, finally Su's soldier return a day 3 times request to release Kuwait!Moscow of that helps a bastard, even use last the words of "willing be forced to relieve Kuwaiti British army when it's necessary is armed" to threaten to request to open road! And the recent Soviets is in addition strong the activity in Iraq, and Iraqi gold phalanx group secret collaborate with, trying to make the British army have enough to do to look after myself has to let Jordan Howard Authentic Jersey a Kuwaiti passage, so they can pass here and take the offensive a sand especially!These activities all make the Wei Wei Er abnormality angry, if isn't a white hall say to need Moscow to lead long to make Germany, he early issues order to offend go into tile private. Most can annoy of BE, Iran king changes this time Huan, China is incredibly direct to expel England in the outside!Till now, gift Sa the sweat and new king expect row Weis all still just Peking visit, this means once Chinese troops defeat Su's soldier, future political situation afraid of England in Iran even the ability for participating all have no.