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already make sure of the radar station

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    November 20, 2018 9:05 AM CET

    "What is the row?!"Do not don't pull man the second lieutenant grasp crazy.He dares to make a bet, just at least 20 hair bullets beat medium the other party, calculating you to fly to get empty half to my fuel Russell Wilson Authentic Jersey tank can't light a fire, but somehow give order reaction!Incredibly after hitting by bullet, run aller quick than oneselfly!This is the fighter jet, still air tank? He how can anyone know, the bedlamite gram Luo Si returns under the sistuation that promise distance and Chinese designer particularly strengthen machine body structure together, and is its overlay ascend 1.5 tons of armor!Spray water and increase to press device inside the urn, ensure that the extreme limit outputs under can attain 660 kilometers, but Germany sell to the Soviets of is a BF109 B, the nothing but is to use four stand the Su system machine gun, motor but only 970 horsepowers, the biggest speed is 610 kilometers, so when don't don't pull man second lieutenant Shaquem Griffin Authentic Jersey enjoy in retrospect come over and make track for shot, this Jiao early the break out of machine gun artillery range. Don't don't pull man the second lieutenant have to release this Jiao first and just fixed to go the position of seeing the Liao machine, the on the side had a pair hairs monster to hurtle to come over again.Tell the truth, even if double head Jiao the data is again good, holding tight the BF109 of low altitude is also very difficult, so don't don't pull man once the second lieutenant put to operate a pole, a downwards the side turned over and then averted from machine head thermodynamic power.But 25 millimeters of machine cannon and 12.7 millimeters of machine guns tee off Tyler Lockett Authentic Jersey of front line, still frighten he whole body cold sweat. Don't don't pull after averting from two pair heads Jiaos in a row man the second lieutenant just discover six 1-16 have already all doomed, own Liao machine is held up by 6 pair heads Jiaos more.Most can annoy of BE, these doubles of hair monsters completely don't get entangled in fighting, the opportunity to spot accelerates fierce blunt strafe, beat not medium run road, affirm and have after waiting you to evade confrontation with a blunt come over, plusing skin Cao the meat is thick, basically is a basinet to weigh the A knight's dozen method. This kind of method tormented a person too much!Don't don't pull man second lieutenant immediately to left horizontal roll, try to rescue own Liao of machine, but early have a pair heads Jiao Chou DeSean Jackson Authentic Jersey quasi- opportunity, come over from the fierce blunt the right side.If can there is a set camera taking panorama, will discover two BF109 top and bottomses roll to turn over left blunt right Tu, while 12 pair heads Jiaos are long guns to ride a soldier on all sides, anti- again and again reply of impact not interest. Like this got entangled in fighting after more than 10 minutes, don't don't pull man the second lieutenant finally and again bite at a pair heads Jiao, he didn't accidentally lose again this time.The double head Jiao being shot comes out billowing black smoke a head of to plant to the sea surface.But this is also his last war merit, while trying to escape, a double head Jiao that makes a surprise attack from the behind was used 25 millimeters of shells to revenge for the war ally.