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lack to protect religious section soldier

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    November 20, 2018 8:41 AM CET

    the soldier teach a camp to fiercely mount sudden attack protection in Chinese tank under, with second sky noon at 10:00 escape admire Ma Dan, then took to rush through especially from the sand of 3 carry Jadeveon Clowney Authentic Jersey six(the template C47) to arrive tile private Du Shan the tower wear air base,advance unopposed of Su's soldier already beat crazy, haven't waited gift Sa the sweat stand firm a heel, greatly not inside the private go down south of Su's soldier have already killed the Luo thunder Si Tan province, although station at tile the private's two Yi military advisers spare no effort holdout, at lack the Yi soldier of armor strength and airplane support only and resist for five hours under the help of 47 BT26 rapid tanks thoroughly collapse. On June 10 Tyrann Mathieu Authentic Jersey, Persia announce the second day after announcing, Su's soldier offends go into tile private, although Iran navy's three gunboats make greatest efforts a support,still can not obstruct the step of Su's soldier, the gift Sa sweat has to issue order that 11 airplanes of navy and surplus withdraw into China to halt a sand base especially, he waits Arabia nation especially because of the sand by himself would not like to it is inbound exiled, have to embark Chinese air force's long range conveyance machine, through beard rich the man go to kabul. On the morning of June 11, the set of Mo Sa declares to assume office new prime minister in Iran in Teheran and issues order that the whole territorieses stop holdout.Admire from Ma Shi virtuous till afternoon go Will Fuller V Authentic Jersey down south of soldier infantry division of Su, two Gao Pao Ying, a tank travels and a machine gun camp at pay to get of conveyance machines and train help under, arrive tower Luo Mu. Howl the wood straits is precarious! "The Soviets beats crazy!"Nice and secluded cool Lu top of hill rings out inside Chen Shao Kuan's big voice early as early as villa garden.Station beside of order in Jiang Bai, looking at Yang Qiu whom distance running toughens, say:"The Soviets is just still someone of, will never be able to despise!The promise Wei section man and that this conductor goes down south can all of men are diagrams to admire to slice man Si a radicle big Zong deeply theoretical pupil, be deeply subjected to cloth Qiong again the Ni ride the influence that the soldier mounts sudden attack a theory, Adam Vinatieri Authentic Jersey battle suddenly sex hold best.The near Wei teacher of the Yi soldier strongest fighting strength is harmed dead by the oneself person, five teachers in the north one gun didn't beat and then be paid Xie, south four teachers again have been lacking heavy type material, even if is we meet this circumstance, will be also beaten loose.Regrettable Iran Zong is deeply too small, only have more than 100 kilometers from Caspian Sea to Teheran, didn't defend and have no fortress, can otherwise also block." Chen Shao Kuan also regrets way:"Yes, the Soviets exactly still has a bottom.O.K., their submarines and navy are all locked, otherwise we don't also think peace.Heard to expect row Wei that boys to all urgently die, still ran toward here three times yesterday.100 inside elder brother, do you say that the president exactly are what mean?Still not loose why?Now Yi private of Su to the east of England's colonizing system have been already finished.The words that don't have an accident, the English Yi petroleum company can not also support how long, the set of Mo Sa that helping a person have been shouting to want a petroleum nationalization and have Soviets to give support now, affirmation will make to turn over.