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the Iran collaborates with with them

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    November 20, 2018 8:07 AM CET

    can gather together a connect 12 can battle of 31 tanks, leave 12 all only a hair wear A to play.However machine gun the bullet is more ample, so is simply to leave them to protect a car brigade.The tank Julius Peppers Authentic Jersey connects 25 kilometers of speed and urgently rushes toward but goes to to Teheran rose temple per hour, have no infantry and support, so Li Jin issues order that adopting is easy to the close rhombus acting in cooperation organizes into teams, each car still additionally weaves into a car crest machine rifleman, and then lets the correspondent open a car and carries radio station and adjusts a national defense soldier in the internal frequency. "Is blunt pass by!Kill them!Hold tight heathen!" Before the temple, the rose's the Huo plum Ni of course not knows to declare that the Wei troops inside the crack Soviets will accidentally lose.Colleague's corpse that looking at top in the square of palace closely bites cry and receives a colleague to start with him together to assault for the third time.But this time assault again drive thermodynamic power the fierce palace armed escort Luke Kuechly Authentic Jersey use a machine gun to soon break up, see and be vanquished, behind of a few head of groups are also helpless. At this time, the motor voice of a burst of Long Long the street corner spread from the left side.The Huo plum Ni twisted a to see one eye, loudly shout.Is seven drive coup the soldier control of Czech AH-IV the light tank hurtled to come over, although this kind of tank only have 4.2 tons, only three pretty 7.92 millimeters of machine guns, say to is already a super weapon to the religious section armed escort that lacks heavy weapons, if isn't numerous Hong and the eyes of Yi Ma unite demagogy, perhaps only this kind of equip near Wei one teacher of Czech tank, can easily Allen Robinson Authentic Jersey the Nian kill all religious section soldiers. Is seven Czech AH-IV full of bellicosity of hurtle toward the palace to, see these tanks, armed escort soldier immediately the complexion is like soil.To know the whole Teheran the only near Wei teacher material has the Czech Republic 84 AH-IVs and 7625 tanks in China.Originally think meeting to protects to drive the tank escorting to appear in the rebellious troops hand, not is say that two near Wei teachers have been already revolted? "Report, the tank of rebel started taking the offensive." "His majesty, Ma Ku's telegram, Su, Soviets crosses river to start aggression to them." The rose temple Jordan Howard Authentic Jersey internal rebellion makes one regiment, holdsesing the gift Sa of wearing the knife the sweat is also the rite officer who holds tight to make collective report, on the face a burst of and red white:"What do you say?Why does the Soviets want to take the offensive us?Damn of, these GC member that damn!" "His majesty, the tank of rebel got to temple door quickly.Bearer prepares to protect his majesty to withdraw." "I can't withdraw!Step aside, let me go out and see." "His majesty, the outside is engaging." The armed escort is long and rite the officer didn't can advise the gift Sa of Zu in a thundering rage sweat and faced a this war-horse life king, could bite a tooth to adjust come one squad soldier, protect him to go to a palace view view set to look into war feeling.