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the circumstance that in the sky

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    November 18, 2018 11:25 AM CET

    probably have already signed now.Now that you have already got desirable thing, and would like to cooperate with French, why so it happened that so of treat England?Versailles the system is our sill of Russell Wilson Authentic Jersey these nation, your country has already acquired a huge benefits in Southern Asia region under this system, be not?So."His voice suddenly puts low, the language soon reduces slowly, the vision gradually coagulates into line:"I hope that you can stand in farer future up the consideration and send army the structure and form and system of maintaining the far east peace.I express the biggest expectation to this, England is also same to express the biggest expectation to Mr. presidents." This time Shaquem Griffin Authentic Jersey almost completely naked diplomacy objurgation, let to carry coffee to prepare incoming seedling Luo to stop a step, also let to take telegram to rush through urgently and in a hurry of Sung son the pure Ning can not sign.Allow Ge Sen to also see 2 people of doorway, but he doesn't regret to speak this time words, the British Empire has already arrived urgent time in the benefits of far east and still speak now what hypocritical?But make him strange BE, Yang Qiu's air seems to have no the slightest of fluctuation, smile to finish listenning to his all talking and slowly saying like this:"Mr. ambassador, believes that you comprehend wrong, I didn't say to provide a help to your country." "Your meaning BE."Xu Ge Sen who just prepared to sit down quickly started, Sung son that connected outside in the door was pure to all pay no attention of wrinkly knit the brows. Yang Qiu Yi Tyler Lockett Authentic Jersey puts a hand and interrupts his concussion:"Mr. ambassador, it is impossible to immediately send army, I just of analysis you should know to mean what, depend 18 coastal defense front that battleship wants to take precautions against to total to the Na soil Na from the Sakhalin more than 8,900 kilometers grow, I believe that a nation of no one cans make!I also can not do it!So, I need time to prepare and plan.But I also know your country current circumstances, so I have already made people ready to a great deal of weapons such as tank, heavy artillery, howitzer and ammunition etc., they in Guangzhou, can carry to walk at any time.In addition, in order to alleviate the shortage of our country sea transportation ability, I also hope you can persuasion Zhang Bo Lun prime minister, sell your country in all freighters of far east or temporarily lease give our country use." Allowing Ge Sen DeSean Jackson Authentic Jersey to listen to till the last some is in distress situation, have never thought Yang Qiu incredibly to negotiate situation to still have idea to dig meat from British body at this kind of.This lets him unable to cay or laugh, how should evaluate?Fool?Idiot?Or the business person's hardhead?Put huge Southeast Asian benefits, but stare at only more than 2,000,000 tons each kind of British cargo vessel in far east, what matter does this calculate?But he also has no any answer criticism, Japan has already controled channel and has already canned not return to country in British merchantmans of R.O.C and Southeast Asia, don't say lend-lease and directly sell all is can.But provide weapon and intelligence report support to Yang Qiu Zhi, don't send army still very angry.