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compatriot in Southern Asia to do a wager

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    November 18, 2018 9:11 AM CET

    This way is quite good.Draw up an electricity, Du Du Du."Zhu Bin Hou's words just make reference to a half, the irritating to the ear antiair alert voice suddenly rang to get up."What is the row?"Round the Rob Gronkowski Authentic Jersey all of military officer before the diagram in the voyage be got a fright.Zhu Bin Hou is also that the eye pupil is fierce to shrink.Want to know here to am a straits, the front is again a tall ship to jam channel, if run into an air attack to cry all have no the place cry. Deng Hao Gan is also a surprised, immediately see an officer toward battle staff officer and communication. "Report!The aquatic reconnaissance plane of the Na soil Na take-off at we southeast in addition to 353 kilometers, discover big cluster of Japanese airplane, the first step recognizes to have 4696 bombers at least inside the machines." The communication Sony Michel Authentic Jersey officer's words, like one handle big hammer the malicious shot beat on the owner head.Outbreak of war!Affirmation in Japan is after discovering 22 fleets, doubt to divulge a secret so don't wait fleet to arrive and then begin in advance!Inside the warship bridge, suddenly pipe down, is a soldier, no one doesn't want to throw in this big current fights!Sacrifice!But Zhu Bin Hou more clear, this war temporarily not just the war of 22 fleets, his task is to escort the tall ship safety to Persian gulf, own combat there.So soon cast aside a hideous mess viewpoint, picked up compasses to lie prone earnest on the maritime map calculation. "96 type bomber Tom Brady Authentic Jersey that day originally army now the best bomber, can take 800 kilogram torpedos or bomb, the battle radius is 1500 kilometers, the biggest speed is 330 kilometers after taking to play, if dynasty we come, get in touch with for just about 70 minutes."Zhu Bin Hou is very quick and then computes for a times that Japanese machines arrives and listens to him after finishing saying Deng Hao Gan more and immediately cross-examine:"Does the tall ship pass how long?" "Can all get into Ma Liu Jia after two hours, pass Kuala Lumpur 15 hours later." Deng Hao Gan finishes listenning to and immediately wrinkle up eyebrows:"The channel is too narrow, if the day's machine target is Singapore, perhaps we also want to get bomb.Grant a chapter elder brother, don't behind does one transport a ship to evacuate flourishing harbor?" Zhu Bin Hou makes Alvin Kamara Authentic Jersey an effort to put a hand.Seeing Su's soldier has to go down south, A word tall ship is the only guarantee of rapid interference, each all precious and matchless, if evacuation who can promise to can also pass Ma Liu Jia?So he doesn't want to give up any 1 and issue order a way after inquiring direction of wind:"Now is a southwest breeze, the west full speed Kang westward can release an airplane.Orderany Wuhan, long sand to immediately clean up a front water, half an hour is behind take off a batch of fighter jets.Follow an islands Su door of Lin Jia to answer La after getting off the ground one side cruise, any day machine that has already tried to cross straits, need not make collective report to directly shot down.Each warship acceleration passes straits and works well antiair preparation.Send out light signal to Singapore, tell the directions and arrival time of Japanese machines!