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inside can moving remain 3 soldiers

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    November 18, 2018 6:39 AM CET

    Philippines and Thailand really really worry, but contacts us less, on the contrary send a representative go to British and American."The Yue Peng guesses Yang Qiu's meaning unclearly and follows to say Jadeveon Clowney Authentic Jersey with smile:"Ha ha, someone still feels an ocean lord that the son is more reliable.This pours also good, in case we fall into public opinion troublesome."Is public to nod in succession, if Philippines and Thailand requests a republic protection, also really not operation the behind plan and pour to also never mind trouble now. Yang Qiu has never continued to inquire, Philippines and Thailand not to had better, came him now also not think a tube.Be just like Chen Shao Kuan to say of so, Japan suppressed for more than 10 years, explosion's coming out affirmation will be very strong a while.When Japan's Imperial Army in history went down south, several 100,000 officers and mens even all worked well jade ground Tyrann Mathieu Authentic Jersey preparation!So even if oneself can hold up, losing will be also very big.So the best way is a space to change time, go to dilution with broad Southern Asia very small and weak Japanese logistics, Cuo its sharp point.So, he puts together all of the document finishing seeing and hand over to after Zhang Xiao Zhun vision a sweep public:" According to the previous plan, Japan beats where we withdraw where, give him the space to toss about!The son is pure, you make a phone call to Wang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Ting and let him tell Sen island to guard a person, and we have already had no patience!Smooth agriculture, you contact British Will Fuller V Authentic Jersey and replace Japan the affair of password tell them, as for letter not the letter have nothing to do with us.Again send telegram by my name to attend to Wei Jun, he temporarily don't leave Paris, after waiting Japan to begin right away contact French premier to reach to pull, can consider signing cooperation in Southern Asia protection agreement." "President, do you want to form alliance with France?To, French behind but England!."Sung son is pure a bit surprised with everyone, previous Yang Qiu has been would not liking to join Germany or England one square, how suddenly change an attitude to want to form alliance with France?Connect Yue Pengs all vision flicker, saw come over in succession. Yang Qiu Wei Adam Vinatieri Authentic Jersey tiny one Leng, also some languages fill, always can not tell everyone to still have a year, France meeting the lightning flash surrender and have this agreement oneself ability the swagger "peace" accept a method to belong to colony?This kind of runs before too much of foresee sex estimate everyone don't believe as well, after all paper noodles' coming to viewpoint country is farer strong than Germany, so he body hereafter on depending, put a hand:"First don't the label form alliance agreement, talks that Southern Asia cooperates.Guangxi on the side, so Japan at vanquish before England affirmation can't consider that the forerunner offends Vietnam, but French's affirming will worry a colony safety.Their navy can not come over now now, so temporary don't form alliance, signs navy the cooperation believe to pass, this is also easy to future we join an alliance after talking the condition with English method.