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army holds hands to start starting aggression

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    November 16, 2018 6:46 AM CET

    The intelligence report says that after loan and supplies of Soviets get hold of, Japan for deal with us navy's bill this time, have already passed to continue to construct three cloud dragon class Russell Wilson Authentic Jersey sail as well mother, four the He is wild, the plan of four big Dian class light cruiser, 32 destroyers and submarine to deal with us, but I estimate to touch, this money they the perhaps momentary half will take not to come out. The words say back, even if is to temporarily could not take, their whole parepare for war to also compare us early for three years, and had no army to implicate several years ago, add of American Su intentionally supported, as long as go down south to get illegitimate profit ability quick opening.So I was thick to calculate bottom, till the end of 41 years their total tonnages perhaps Shaquem Griffin Authentic Jersey want more than 1,300,000 tons, four of our Shandongs, six Xian heavy cruise can undergo military service to still haven't till the end of 41 years can know, again subtract me those two old Anne's sea, Mt. Heaven with supply ship these assistance the ship cast aside, even if four 20,009 of Liaoning class sail mother next year all undergo military service, support dead also 100th, ten thousand."Chen Hong Lie is wrinkly eyebrows is pleasing but talk, tone in have so a silk to pour the meaning of hard water, because everyone knows to grasp text and Yang Qiu, sometimes he talks aller useful than Chen Shao Kuan. Grasp a text Tyler Lockett Authentic Jersey point to nod, because of local armament compare Japan late livelong two years, although industry strong navy's construction is to need the horary, all of Shandong class and Xian classes are 36 years, the plan in the navy bill, just- passed 1938 navy bill in the congress wants to harvest to then want to wait until after 42 years, so clearly behind will be this to eliminate that long for two years key age, want ~only cook past, so depend on industrial advantage ability the first mate jilt to open Japan. However he also has no Chen Hong Lie this kind of suffer from suffer from losing of the mood , after all on Yang Qiu's seat, need to be considered completely, can not learn Japan then develop for armament thoroughly ruining domestic construction. In fact Chen Hong Lie also not is really worry tonnage, because this isn't the current biggest problem for navy, let him most and still keeping being experience of high misgiving.Navy's this thing is very DeSean Jackson Authentic Jersey different from the army, these years of armies have no little earn experience in Afghanistan, the air force is also similar, only navy in addition to they severals once took part in the war of the European War and straits in Bohai Sea, the others are all post-war New appointees. Pour is grasp a text to see relatively open, his the second fleet is basically to regard aviation stroke as principle, in technique and experience all than Japan good.But just wanted to comfort severals, after death spread to repeatedly kick to step a voice.