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    November 16, 2018 5:34 AM CET

    The Huo Pu gold Si habitual orders smoke and wants a way:"Mr. ambassador, we perhaps can not help you.Our the United States is treaty in Qingdao direct country, China like this do don't breach treaty.And you should know, president Roosevelt is concentrating on to solve a local economic crisis, China is the exit area of the most important our country, and American government can Jadeveon Clowney Authentic Jersey not interfere with this kind of normal business contract." Allowed the facial expression of Ge Sen to become several bottoms, although the Huo Pu gold Si can not represent American government, in consideration of he to Roosevelt's influence, these words have already almost equaled Roosevelt's opinion.So the taste that can use to ask for help sees toward Johnson:"Johnson ambassador, British and American is a traditional amity nation, are consistent on the benefitses of Asia and Europe, but this matter in Iran has already touched we at pull world uncle's benefits, you would not like to stretch hand?" Johnson Nao Nao head, unexpectedly invite him to get on the car but ask for to bother, not from must secretly regret.If is British and American to exert pressure at the same time, Yang Qiu still really Tyrann Mathieu Authentic Jersey probably temporarily gives up Iran petroleum plan, but result?The United States isn't afraid of China, but also has no necessity and Yang Qiu to set against, besides in treating the problem of Soviets, Central America currently still consistent.So he see the eye Huo Pu gold Si after, just say:"Mr. ambassador, the basic cause of this matter I think still in the Soviets.Yang Qiu once told me, the Moscow had already taken no cognizance for many times and negative official gazette in Shanghai, Stalin publicly once meant and recover to be had a land on the meeting of political bureau as well, so before Moscow can not thoroughly admit an official gazette, afraid of Mr. Yang Qiu will not give up to battling out of Iran.So my opinion BE, you might as well facilitate medium Su's negotiation, only sit down to negotiate and let the Moscow admit official gazette in Shanghai, just may dissolve an antinomy." Allow the point Will Fuller V Authentic Jersey of Ge Sen to nod, this is really the only way, otherwise win Su, this outer circle to battle out a war is not likely to stop.So after signaling hint a driver parking, say:"Thanking is two, my demand immediately goes to north."Finish saying, also can not consider of an answer, in a hurry follow the sedan of behind to rush through to the airport. The sedan hoped to leave, but Johnson sighed tone:"The mindset of England changed, this worried treatment, will make Yang Qiu acquire a larger benefits."The Huo Pu gold Si point nods.The false unclear foreign policy of Zhang Bo Lun, perhaps really want to bring world big bother.Just don't know, the trouble this time exactly have much big, the United States draws in exactly will have much deep? Thought of these, Adam Vinatieri Authentic Jersey the Huo Pu gold Si also really wants to see Yang Qiu quickly and say:"Johnson, although we can not and England act together,I also hope to see him quickly." .While allowing Ge Sen to take Zhang Bo Lun prime minister's request to in a hurry ascend an airplane Stalin also just the full face wearily have a pipe hanging in mouth and Japanese guest's handshake:"Welcome always Mr. Tian and Jue Mr. Tian come to our Soviets to visit, in this kind of turning point.