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construction begin to work for a long time

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    November 9, 2018 8:20 AM CET

    The students Ji Ji slanting discussion endlessly, the electric light of library suddenly puts out.There is no fan, the spacious library also becomes hot and dry to get up.Zhuo any also really feels suspicious, Marshawn Lynch Youth Jersey Hubei because of being a president the ground of house, win one of the west's most important industrial centers more, so is several in a decade developed speed have been leading a whole country.And don't say that overwhelming majority in the whole province all have been already switched on electricity, there are on all sides two thermal power plants in light Wuhan how many small water electricities, the electric power wealthily even can support Jiangxi and Henan and how always the power is off recently? Since didn't give or get an electric shock also not the ability is reading, so Zhuo any discredits to tidy up book, the simply preparation returns to dormitory sleeping.But just walk to doorway, see a few Brian Dawkins Youth Jersey classmates move to come to one big box of candle, the side walks to still then shout:"The brotherses!Tell you a big news, the president came!" "!True leave of?" "Baloney, I see with own eyes a president's car brigade to open into a pair do school, president and Chiu's commander still accompany, I still saw Sir Hua Luo Geng." ", Haven't I seen a president and see." "See what, central guard's teacher affirms to blockade pair school.Calculated, don't see as well.The president since comes to school, tomorrow affirmation will inspect, I still return to sleep one good feel, perhaps tomorrow inspect behind be chosen guard's teacher." "For you, it is Carson Wentz Youth Jersey probably to lately weave 51 infantry divisions to mix a lieutenant to pour." "Ha ha." The Xi of the students is making a voice, Yang Qiu has already shaken at Jiang Fang and Chiu the accompanying of text Bin come down national defense university pair school.Is different from the lord school, national defense university pair school although at same small hospital inside, but be very far separated, and in the center partition with the very thick fence, there is still on the fence wire entanglements, all day and night have soldier to patrol, have no special identity to identify card root not to think go into inside. Of so protecting Darren Sproles Youth Jersey is so tight, is because pair the school actually is national defense technique and experiment center, own in great quantities high confidential laboratory with 2,000 multinational defend a technical personnel, include to draw on the electronics that Yang Qiu comes to inspect to take care of a calculator among them. The electronics takes care of a calculator is 3010 plan in one of the core items, at the end of in 1929 sign an item up to now already five years.What is the computer ?How to operate?How write to operate a procedure etc. problem to current science field still blank, so sign after the item China Luo's G to wait a person also is completely two eyes a discredit.Yang Qiu doesn't understand as well by himself/herself, but at least know than them a little more principle, so sign an item behind compute what binary system the thing like the method write out, and then turn over a time of data machines and find out inside the data linked to calculator of rarely seen wretchedness, also ignore an useful useless whole brainses to fill to the item set.