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    November 9, 2018 7:42 AM CET

    Leaf if the man is malicious to scold an after, Stalin calms down gradually, has a pipe hanging in mouth to walk to the front of the map and silently looking at an in the mind to secretly whispers.Although Leighton Vander Esch Youth Jersey situation in the world is still not clear,the situation of Soviets has been very clear.The east is China, west the noodles is anti- Su to exercise day by day serious Germany, Caspian Sea and Gao Jia Suo's interior region be surrounded by England control again!Can say, the Soviets in nowadays is like the old terrapin in a jar and literally makes the somebody else manage. Is also positive because this kind of bad external environment, Yang Qiu just dares boldly and puts forward to Su's embargo!Because unless is ten thousand can not help, there is no politician would like to two line battles, besides in those early years the bad result of two line battles in Germany already clear without any error enunciation, like this do have much dangerous.In his eyes, Sean Lee Youth Jersey the Moscow has already arrived the intersections of life and death alive or dead!Have to break this situation, otherwise being war approach the situation will extreme inclemency. But is a breakthrough there?China?Eastern Europe?Poland?India?Persia?Is Baltic?A chain of place names let he dizzy hair bulge, bye-bye finger but again detection regardless which none of directions can easily chew down currently.Still need to continue to keep on enduring patiently? The bad situation makes Stalin feel that the sort in the quilt edge of knife sting drills heart of painful, suddenly dip down voice:"The situation in nowadays is very rigorous, the hostile influence Bradley Chubb Youth Jersey is accelerating to collaborate with at home and abroad.East the noodles is China, the west has German Poland, Central Asia also collaborate with with Chinese and English in Persian gulf!The imperialism is trying very hard to subsidize to give the radicle of Luo Ci those reactionarieses to try to overturn political power.Now we not only need to break imperialistic of surround, also need to think a way to get up the Su the Wei Ai party member incorporation of world-wide locations, establishment unified the line of battle resist aggression and overturn!My opinion BE, the Tajik and the Allah wood diagram and these places in Kyrgyz still have our comrade, should let their hair move make trouble for enemy!Eastern Europe and Persia, India should also go to move and only set alight revolution flame, so as to call for everyone to protect a Soviets!" The this time words of Stalin have been already weighed very much, particularly the revolution that he requests to launch the northwest of China in the province, say to is already an act of war from a Case Keenum Youth Jersey certain meaning.So present 4 people are all understand, in the civil war end up to now in a row the economic instauration in decade after, he this is to make a firm decision and break external blockader.He doesn't wait several person's answers after finishing saying, see hope Luo man toward Luo:"Fu Luo hopes a Luo man comrade, troops recently O.K.?" Don't give Luo man beside the heart tremble several bottoms, Stalin in no case will without cause inquire troops,does he want to make to cover to let troops solution problem with the revolution?Add inside rather also nervous, although the civil war has already ended a decade, and the first five yearses plan also complete.