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NBA 2K19 Servers Are Down, 2K Operating On A Repair

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    October 8, 2018 9:56 AM CEST

    NBA 2K19 is experiencing a worldwide outage for its servers and this has led to some NBA 2K19 MT aggravation amongst the fans.

    NBA 2K19 developer has responded towards the complaints regarding the server being down and acknowledged this situation. They have also assured the fans that they are at present seeking into it.

    The official 2K community manager posted this message around the game's subreddit stating that they've observed a lot of reports on the server problems as well as the improvement group has been told to function on fixing them.

    If you are unable to connect or getting error codes, that is why. If you are at present playing a thing that needs a web-based connection, don't anticipate your progress or your earned VC/MT to save.

    There are reports of your server being down not only in the USA but also Europe. So it might be far more of a worldwide situation instead of restricted to one particular specific area. This has led for the fans unable to play the game as a consequence of the requirement of on-line connectivity.

    NBA 2K19 is available now for the PS4, Xbox 1, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The game was developed and published by 2K Sports.