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  • September 26, 2018 9:17 AM CEST


    Do not get me wrong, I do not miss spending months and RS gold  months trying to reach lv 30 and farm even more mesos in maplestory. Hours spend outside KPQ, with scouts auto-click and every dirty trick in the book in order to be the team that entered. Just as bad as getting into KPQ, however, you had those whiners who did nothing but whine if you did not know the JMS method for the password cubes.


    I can't believe the amount of time I spend grinding. Literally hours time only for a level or two, which was considered fast. I spent years grinding that I could reach lv 90, and also be allowed to combine the Zakum raid. Yes, I said raid. The power creep is amazing. And the lag, OMG! The lag. It was a reverse of a coin to if you wouldn't lag out. However, it was worth it though for the chance to be set on the Zak helm list.


    I just wanted to reminisce a bit. The game equilibrium was truly awful and also the mill was incredible. But I'll never forget these times with my pals that are old.Maybe something will happen in the game to me, I still feel that MapleStory is my favorite video game, and will accompany me in my life. Really hope that my grandson could have the chances also play a much better MapleStory game also, like his grandpa(I am 30 now...)


    Hey folks, welcome to MMOak do runescape 2018  you guys feel about the Kerning Tower in Fantasy Theme World that is new, is the version that you would love to see in the calendar year 2017? Or do you have some more good ideas for your theme? Come and talk with us:This patch comes here before I have to spend too much time grinding that place. Properly fitting music really can enhance material, even if you discover the remainder of it dull.



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