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    12. Juli 2018 15:09:15 CEST

    hold the third Changzhou International Real Estate Expo.rice husk composite handles materials Moderator: The industry's rapid development of Henglin floor is called Henglin effect or Henglin phenomenon. Then, since the financial crisis hit the countries of the world since 2008, what are the countermeasures for the flooring companies in our horizontal forest?ceiling boards prices belarus Fu Feng: Strengthening the floor This product is actually not very long in production and use, which is the time of our

    industry for more than 10 years. However,components in wood composites floor industry it is gratifying to withstand such a development process, and it is also a valuable product and industry worth exploring and summarizing in the development of the Chinese flooring industry in recent years. Especially in the past few years, when China's flooring has its certain influence and share, the trade error has caused a lot of influence in the flooring industry.clean marine vinyl flooring In particular, the export impact on our

    domestic flooring industry is very large.price of 2x6x8 p t home depot There is also a change in subsidies for anti-dumping anti-conquest, which also has a great impact on the development of the industry, the development and survival of enterprises. In particular, after the second half of last year, the impact of the international financial crisis on Chinese companies has gradually increased. This has also affected the development of our local industry.plastic railing road ties lowes As a result, the export-