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    Lets keep it real Cam Newton Panthers Jersey , most of us wants to look good and younger. However, skin health isn’t just about looking younger because our skin is one of the main reasons we are still alive.


    Our skin is precious, it’s what maintains our vital organs protected from external factors, such as bacteria that could otherwise become a potential factor of infection.


    In addition, the skin helps our body to keep a proper temperature and level of moisture. Infection andor dehydration are factors that can happen if your skin isn’t healthy.


    Healthy Natural Skin Care


    This is what you should consider when looking for face skin products.


    Healthy Skin And Skin Care Creams that Work


    The most sensitive part of our bodies are our face. What we also need to think about is that our face is always exposed to UV radiation and pollution if you live in a big city or smoke.


    Do prevent your skin from being affected by these factors Donte Jackson Panthers Jersey , you need to start a consistent skin care routine and extra protection against UV radiation. Always keep in mind that UV protection is the best way to keep the sun from causing age spots and fine lines. Something as simple as a cleansing routine will help your skin to function properly.


    If you cleanse your skin twice a day, it will help to remove dirt and dead skin cells to prevent your skin from looking dull and aged. By keeping this up, your skin will be able to start regenerating itself at a normal rate. For even better results, make sure the ingredient list of your skin cream includes vitamins and antioxidants.


    It’s good to keep in mind that as older you get, you will need to add products that are helpful to fight wrinkles and age spots.


    Dry skin care is one of the most talked about skin care topics DJ Moore Panthers Jersey , especially, during the winter months. However, the real danger during winter isn’t the cold outdoor air, but the dry air infesting the inside of your house. The dry heat produced by your central heating system draws the moisture out of your skin. This is why it is essential to maintain a strict dry skin care routine, especially during certain times of the year.


    Oily Skin Care


    Even though you might not think it Da'Norris Searcy Panthers Jersey , even oily and combination skin types require the use of a moisturizer. Oily skin requires moisturizer just like other types of skin. However, choose a light, water-based moisturizer so that your skin does not feel too coated.


    Body skin cream besides facial products


    Most people will prioritize their face over the rest of their body. This is more normal than you might think and it’s because we cover our bodies with clothing everyday to keep it protected. No matter if we protect our body with clothes, it’s important to care for it too. You should always moisturize your skin after you take a shower to keep lock in moisture. This will also help the skin to get tougher against any external aggressions.

    I am a sunlovin Nevada resident who loves nothing better than swimming, playing in the sun and walking with my dog.



    Joey Chestnut proved once again that he’s the top competitive eater in the world by winning the 2017 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest while putting down an official 72 hot dogs over the course of 10 minutes Jarius Wright Panthers Jersey , another personal best for him. Carmen Cincotti was at times within a few hot dogs of Chestnut, but he was unable to get the win, finishing with 62 hot dogs himself.

    Matt Stonie, the 2015 champion, finished in third with 48.

    At the 2:30 mark Dontari Poe Panthers Jersey , Chestnut had put down 26 dogs, with Cincotti right behind him with 22 dogs. Halfway through, Chestnut was sitting at 46 dogs, Cincotti was at 38, and Stonie was at 31. Chestnut was averaging just about nine hot dogs per minute halfway through the competition.

    Geoffrey Esper was gaining ground on Stonie by that point Torrey Smith Panthers Jersey , and he was only one down on him with 3:30 to go. Chestnut’s speed dropped to just about eight dogs per minute at the seven-minute mark. Esper ended up finishing with 46 for fourth place.

    Chestnut has been the most dominant eater in the world for a long time, but lost to Stonie in 2015. That year, Stonie consumed 62 hot dogs and Chestnut went back to the drawing board. Last year, Chestnut dominated and put down 17 more hot dogs than Stonie, setting the competition record with 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

    Cincotti was a rookie in 2016 Thomas Davis Sr Jersey , and put down 53 dogs in qualifying to punch his ticket this year.

    Takeru Kobayashi isn’t the big name he used to be, as he hasn’t competed since 2009 due to a refusal to sign an exclusive deal with Major League Eating. Kobayashi and Chestnut had a rivalry going, but this year, all the talk was about Chestnut vs. Stonie.

    On the women’s side, Miki Sudo put down 41 hot dogs to get her fourth consecutive victory.

    Sudo has been the strongest performer in women’s competitive eating since unseating Sonya “Black Widow” Thomas in 2014 Greg Olsen Jersey , and of course, was the defending champion going into Tuesday’s competition.

    The women’s competition was broken out into its own thing in 2011, and Thomas won the first three before being unseated by Sudo. The women’s record of 45 hot dogs in 10 minutes was set by Thomas in 2012. In 2016, Sudo won the competition with 38.5 dogs.

    The 41 dogs from Sudo marks her personal best in the tournament. Michelle Lesco finished second with 32.5 hot dogs, while Thomas was third with 30 of them in the contest.


    By Amina Mohammed

    Africa’s transformation lies in the continent’s rich soil. If we protect the ecosystems that sustain us we can lift Africans out of poverty, achieve food security, build climate resilience, create wealth and end hu.