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    Filmmaker James Cameron and Hollywood star Sigourney Weaver were surprised by a fan proposing to his girlfriend as they celebrated the 30th anniversary of sci-fi classic Aliens on Saturday.


    The pair were swapping nostalgia and behind-the-scenes anecdotes at San Diego Comic-Con when the man got down on one knee during a Q&A section and popped the question.


    The lucky lady said yes Authentic Trevor Ariza Jersey , prompting Cameron, 61, to remark: "May you be happy and have many spawn."


    Cameron and Weaver Authentic Tracy McGrady Jersey , 66, were joined by other cast members including Lance Henriksen, Michael Biehn Authentic Steve Francis Jersey , Paul Reiser and Bill Paxton.


    The panel was asked for details of progress on an upcoming fifth Alien film to be made by District 9 director Neill Blomkamp.


    Although it has not been officially announced, Blomkamp himself has given interviews confirming that he plans at least one sequel with Weaver in the lead role.


    The filmmaker announced on Twitter last October that the project had been put on hold while Alien director Ridley Scott worked on Alien: Paradise Lost.


    Weaver told Comic-Con however that a script had been completed and that Blomkamp "has work to do and I have work to do, but I'm hoping when we finish those jobs we'll circle back and do it."


    The pair started developing ideas while Weaver was shooting Blomkamp's 2015 robot movie Chappie.


    "That whole first day we spent talking about it Authentic Ryan Anderson Jersey , and four months later, I got a script that was so amazing and gives the fans everything they are looking for, plus innovates in a lot of ways that immediately Authentic Robert Horry Jersey , to me, became a part of the world," Weaver added.

    Sometimes you get that funny feeling that your spouse is doing something they shouldn't on their PC but should you spy on them?
    Spying on what your spouse does on their PC is not necessarily an indication of obsessive jealousy because there are occasions when it becomes hard to ignore the signs that your spouse is up to no good on their computer.

    Just because you are worried about what your spouse is up to on their PC does not mean that you are overly jealous but it is advisable to be wary when they spend lots of time visiting chat rooms.
    Chat rooms have a reputation for online infidelity but there are some virtually undetectable software programs available that can track almost anything that is seen and said on a PC and then transmit a record of it secretly via email.

    If the chat archives are not enabled then the only way of finding out what is being said and done in the chat rooms is to install software which will record everything that has been input on the keyboard and even save screenshots of what has been viewed on the PC. This file can then be sent to you via email without your spouse knowing.

    If your spouse is reasonably computer literate it may be difficult to install spy software on their PC without them discovering it and if they do then things could get a little bit nasty. Although most spy programs are very sophisticated and almost impossible to detect there still remains a very small chance that they could be discovered by someone who is knowledgeable.

    If you do finally find out that your spouse is an online cheat you will then have to decide what to do. It can be difficult to confront your spouse with the evidence you have found without leaving yourself open to accusations of spying on them. This can sometimes give them the opportunity to deflect the blame from themselves but the alternative is to let the doubts and suspicions gnaw away at you and suffer in silence.

    However hurtful it is to discover that your spouse is being unfaithful it does not mean the end of the marriage as it can be just a temporary phase brought on by a lack of communication between you. In fact it can be a wake-up call and a stimulus to make changes in your marriage for the better.

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