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team to a gradual standardization

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    17. Mai 2018 04:20:35 CEST

    the upstream and downstream industries that are affiliated with it have taken a ride. The home improvement industry has also undergone a transition from a pure guerrilla team to a gradual standardization and scale development. However, due to restrictions on the quality of employees,

    regulatory mechanisms and other factors, the current home improvement industry still has some things like cutting corners, shoddy goods, designers stealing kickbacks, unfair competition, and even well-known decoration companies subcontracting projects to guerrillas on the road.

    Encourage owners. Now is the golden time of home decoration, the new owners who bought the homes know how much the home furnishing industry's tricks are. Small company low price show guest high price turnover 100 square meters room decoration economy all-inclusive price 29,800 yuan, comfortable type 3.98 Ten thousand yuan.

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