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find that they face stress

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    15. Mai 2018 10:24:32 CEST

    By Cao Yin


    BEIJING Women's Emmanuel Ogbah Jersey , Aug. 22 (Xinhuanet) -- Police and experts are asking netizens to practice self-discipline when surfing the Internet and join the effort to reduce false online rumors.


    Beijing police said on Wednesday they have smashed a company that allegedly made and spread fake information on websites for profits, and arrested two men suspected of fabricating online rumors and harming others' reputations.


    Yang Xiuyu, founder of the Erma Co, and his employee Qin Zhihui are suspected of using fake information to attract followers, according to a statement provided by the Beijing Public Security Bureau.


    Yang and Qin are being held on suspicion of the crimes of provoking trouble and running an illegal business, police said.


    Qin, 30, better known by his online name, Qin Huohuo, had alleged on Sina Weibo, China's largest micro-blog site, that the Chinese government had paid 200 million yuan ($32.7 million) in compensation to a foreign passenger after two trains collided in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, on July 23, 2011.


    The micro blog was forwarded about 12,000 times within two hours, creating public anger at the government, police said.


    The two also allegedly posted online that Lei Feng, a soldier idolized across China half a century ago for his selfless and modest actions, lived a life of luxury.


    Qin opened 12 micro-blog accounts to spread fake information since 2011, police said.


    Another two employees in the company have also been arrested, police added.


    Zhao Feng, an officer responsible for the bureau's micro blog, told China Daily that public efforts are needed to improve the online environment.


    Currently, five police officers take care of the bureau's micro blog.


    "We receive about 20,000 online messages every day," Zhao said.


    However, lots of the messages can easily be identified as fake if netizens think twice before forwarding them.


    "So rumors can fade away when every micro-blogger is careful about forwarding online information," he said.


    The most difficult task for the police now is to find who posts the fake information first, since the rumormongers sometimes cancel their online accounts quickly, Zhao said.


    Cheng Manli, a media professor at Peking University, said self-discipline is necessary and will become more important in the future.


    "We should be sensible about using new media, including micro blogs and WeChat," she said. "And we must be careful when sharing ideas or forwarding information, especially about hot topics."


    The governmental departments and online service platforms should also provide authorized information in time, to help netizens identify fake ones, she added.


    Cui Shaoyu, a micro-blogger in Beijing, said she usually checks online information before forwarding it.


    "I follow many authorized micro-bloggers ... and prefer traditional media reports," she added.


    ?(Source: China Daily)

    It seems like everyone is trying to find ways to reduce their stress, but most people struggle with it.. If you develop some basic stress management skills, you will find that your life is more productive and you feel more relaxed. Though there are many different ways that you can cope with stress, I will be covering some of the easiest ones here..

    Dare to Dream

    Dreaming can not only give your mind the opportunity to relax, but it also gives you a chance to let go of whatever is bothering you. If you are really concerned with stress management, the quicker that you can relieve the stress the better.

    What is easier than taking a moment to daydream, let your mind wander, and gather your thoughts?

    Just remember that the idea is to take a few moments of your time and not the entire day. Though sometimes it can be a rude awakening to come back to your surroundings, realize that this is a tool to help you with your day.

    Know what Options are Available to You

    Though you should strive to do your best everyday at work, you also need to take care of yourself. If you find that you are in a situation where the stress is just getting out of hand, you need to ask yourself some hard questions. Is there a better job available for you? Is tolerating a high level of stress really worth the amount of money that you are earning?

    If you know that you do have alternatives to the current situation that you are facing, it will help to relieve some of that stress. Just having options can make a huge difference. If you find that the situation you are in is just not getting better, you at least know the options you have at your disposal. Remember, no job is worth the money if it has serious health consequences.

    Taking a Break

    Many people find that they face stress both at home and at work. The reality of the matter is that both work and home are part of our lives and from time to time, it doesn’t hurt to take a break from them.

    Try something as simple as taking a walk, going for a swim, or just doing something that you love. Even if it is just for a few hours, you will feel refreshed and recharged, ready to tackle your life once again.

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