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conditions of long-term stability

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    18. Januar 2018 06:14:00 CET

    have any change? Sand waves Wood Zhang Jianjun Now the trend of strengthening the floor, it should be said that the situation is very tight, and now a lot of varieties of products.exterior composite panels for floating
    Sina home floor to strengthen the environment and humidity from the impact of all their competitiveness is where?wood plastic composite information Sand waves Wood Zhang Jianjun from the environmental point of view, our laminate flooring is longer than the solid wood flooring time.

    Because real wood flooring can not be exactly the same wood, but also by reprocessing, but many consumers do not know this, they do not know the solid wood floor will be re-processed.south african decorative wooden fencing outdoor
    Sina home and solid wood flooring difficult to have an international stable environmental indicators to certification.metal pergola on decks Sand waves Wood Zhang Jianjun right, from the international market, what is the log, the world are strictly controlled.Interview Guests:

    Sheng Yu floor Reporter: patio pavillion ideas
    Gu Xiaoyan Jiangsu Sheng Yu floor Sina home products Which side of the main products you produce? Sheng Yu floor solid wood flooring and parquet. Sina home that your company mainly to do domestic or foreign it? Sheng-yu before the floor is mainly for export,how to install 6ft wood fence but now playing the domestic market, so here we have investment projects. Sina domestic home only played this year? Sheng Yu floor this year has