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resistant floor it! Wear floor detection methods

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    18. Januar 2018 05:42:59 CET

    very good floor, like friends may wish to try! For more knowledge of the ground decorative materials, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.In home life, many of my friends will find that the newly installed floor to spend a period of time, seriously affecting the appearance, what is the reason? Because of the poor wear resistance of the floor, today to introduce a

    Wear performance is very good floor - wear-resistant floor, below we learn more about wear-resistant floor knowledge. First, what is wear-resistant floor? Wear-resistant floor, also known as practical floor, durable floor, the floor in the production process using U-groove hot-pressed steel formwork once molded, bumpy, natural, while the edge of the floor surface according to color

    Optical principle designed a "solid wood visual line" so that the floor has a visual wooden U-groove, not only to avoid the traditional V-groove wear-resistant, easy to clean defects, to create a large area of ??the floor logs The overall effect, from the tactile and visual solution to the problem of the floor back to basics, this is the new generation of Opel Opel U-groove chamfered wear-resistant

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