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Optional skills for MU2

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    14. Januar 2018 08:05:19 CET

    Optional skills: Absorption - Superior passive (offer you 3% attack permanent), acting talent in helpful if you play devoid of a tank and somebody really should mu legend zen pack mobs. Useless on bosses. Tree to weak within this patch so die in few mobs hits. For soloing, you might have much better selections Chase - Best passive for soloing, due to the fact even though you run you can kite mobs or boss, in case you stand at a place you significantly increase your possibility of dying. But entirely useless active ability since possess a massive cooldown for its harm. Deceleration - My option for optional skills, good damage for packs. Some CC and backstep. All enable you to survive in harsh circumstances in soloing. Good passive, which allow you to do very same in soloing and in a party. Summon - utterly USELESS buy mu legend zen talent, an individual can inform me “summons can heal you, passive summons can tank for you!” - NOPE summons cannot heal you under challenging instances, and a passive call can not tank because all call dies from one hit. And I want to see what you will say to me when your celebration dies in SoDK when your Woolf takes damage on final boss split accident, or after you will be killed acquire your Woolf with fiery chain. Ability USELESS.So all can be find in playerhot here!

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    30. Januar 2018 06:51:50 CET