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  • High school ==Buy RS 2007 Mobile Gold ==recruit only two years ago. He's still improving as a sophomore, but his shortcomings will be put under a microscope should he enter the draft. At 6'3, Baldwin has the build of a combo guard. He isn't an explosive athlete like many of the league's modern point guards, which means his development hinges on his ability to improve as

    a ball handler.The issue for Baldwin at his current stage is he's unable to create against quality defenders. This minimizes his ability to score in the half court, especially around the rim, and it hinders his playmaking abilities as a passer.Here, Baldwin struggles to get by Kentucky's Jamal Murray, a sloth on defense. Baldwin's upright stance and loose

    , sluggish crossover ==Cheap RS 2007 Mobile Gold== stunts his speed when changing directions. Even though Baldwin gets by Murray, he fails to finish against subpar rim protection. Baldwin also uses his off hand to prevent Murray from sliding back into the play. Though a foul wasn't called, it's gotten him in trouble in other instances, including in his five-turnover performance

    against Kentucky.Despite his long arms, Baldwin lacks both the quick leaping and explosiveness to finish over the top in traffic. Unless he adds the ability to finish creatively,like he does in this clip, it's possible he'll always struggle around the rim amongst the trees of the NBA.It's also important for Baldwin to develop better instincts off the dribble.

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