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    Updated to 1.0.two version, updated content involves:
    Artifact energy on the globe mission now has an icon on the map show.
    Fixed a bug that occurred when the very first unit was charged.
    Beneath the 110 degree of the warrior within the task of clearing the interface only to show the level, no longer show and so on.
    Time display is divided into two units (including show hours and minutes, as opposed to only hours)
    Fixed a state that has been recruited to re display because the state may be charged.
    To provide up the thunder contact mission Wiesel will disappear, and let the player down from his back. Players can leave the horse at any time, if as well high will likely be sent towards the ground.
    Modified Illidan anger to ensure that the legacy of the Lavin Keith mission can not be adequately carried out the problem
    In accepting the moon guard the fight to win or die mission, will not be quickly transmitted game player, however the will need to speak to NPC can transmit to Meirui DELL
    Any time you mark your mark, the patrol outside the door of Durant is not going to cause the player to enter the battle.
    Freedom of action in fish, fish damage reduced the prophet
    In honor on the mission, each of the ghosts of Tai'an can give the job in the progress from the job
    Fear in the heart of the battle scene in the battle on the props Lord on the heart is no longer the only equipment, so that players even if the line can also get the props.
    Not due to the shield task progress Aggramar used to camp service game player lost.
    Ambassadors in the camp are now a lot more likely to pick and comprehensive the activity.
    Qualified hall
    The wizard was in a position to pass by way of the gates of your Specialist hall towards the Professional hall.
    Master Expert hall of the NPC inside the completion of your magic ring event will be displayed based on the event
    The throat eater
    Fixed game player is stuck in a cage dropped the concern.
    Equipment props
    The upgrade of your Changqing developed Druids Hall impact products now could be the soul bound things.
    Toys: Brinton circuit design tutorial, crystal grinder, runnes jewelry hegemony, along with the grid can no longer stack
    The dwarf and goblin factory factory things now only use Delano
    Star road now can be additional stable 15 seconds to trigger the
    Fixed the issue together with the style of your ancient god of war potion.
    75 immediately after mining, mining the lizards or other creatures as collectors fall extra ore.
    Archaeological mission "ancestor's echo" no longer provides the group members the activity of calculating the progress.
    This latent print of Sutter doesn't reset the trigger at the time of automatic attack
    Naomi recipes are no longer the only
    Now Naomi will check regardless of whether there is enough to burn He Jing silver fish within your bank
    Fixed a bug inside the Adventure Guide emerald nightmare displaying the wrong trophy.
    The energy of the (Guardian) nightmare is now capable to supply the energy to avoid handle after you activate your sleeper's wrath.
    Iron won't now be dispelled.
    An ice storm is not going to harm your enemy ahead of the ice bombs fall towards the ground.
    (around the wind) artifact characteristics of hurricane can now normal within the legs on the wind combo bonus
    The standard failure in Devotion Aura talent and experience when switching
    Heaven really should now regardless of the path may be within the landing on the nearby enemy harm.
    (kill) the problem of an incredibly low damage triggered by a highly toxic blade that's fixed at 1.
    (Min Rui) comfort in dark shadow dance is activated only 1 occasions per second for game player
    (shadow) delay less than 7 seconds when the frantic void outbreak will make you right away exit the form.
    Silence or appease state can't use fade into Gaohuangshu and crazy
    The silent effect of pain can't be absorbed or emitted.
    PVP modifications
    Fixed low level gear inside the elite rating incentive trouble
    All properties inside the panel are reduced by about 10%
    PVP in the discipline of animal husbandry caused harm by 15%, other therapy of occupational injuries decreased by 25%
    Note: mainly because the intellectual property of all developers for occupation has improved, its objective will be to boost the therapy volume (detail), so we'll damage therapy by 25% (down from 15%). Discipline inside the design itself needs to be better than the other therapy occupation far more harm, so 15% reduction
    Pets and guardians in PVP are now lowered to 75% (50%).
    Tank harm caused by other players enhanced by 25%
    The tank occupation endurance in the environment of PVP slightly improved (battle arena and Ashland)
    In the world of racing game player to enter the PVP globe mission process (watch tower Raid: night watchman camp) region won't be open PVP markers.
    As a result of lack of numbers in Ashland at the find yourself not received in to the game player debuff.
    Iced water magic, magic of the condensed water, "bottled" the magic of water, a bucket of Hot Milk, Manale sparkling juice, magic berry juice can now be made use of within the arena along with the battle rating
    Prestige level 4 players inside the honor level 50 is going to be the right to have the "respectable" title
    Demon Hunter
    PVP agility lowered by 10%
    (recovery) intelligence increased by 15%
    The survival tactics will trigger and commence playing possum.
    (FOG) intelligence improved by 5%
    Within the choice of the fog and mist shrouded the fabric of ancient talent, via the dense fog and it can be utilised in guiding the typical soothing mist
    (Holy) intelligence improved by 5%
    (discipline) intelligence increases by 5%
    (Holy) intelligence improved by 5%
    (Min Rui) endurance is reduced by 10%, agility is reduced by 15%
    (Assassination) agility decreased by 30%
    (10% decrease agile fanatics)
    (recovery) intelligence increased by 5%
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