pocket monster GO developers to develop new games for NX-spun1

  • Well-known game < Pokemon GO> co developer with the Pokemon corporation CEO Ishihara Kowa (Tsunekazu Ishihara) said on Tuesday that the business plans to host a brand new generation of Nintendo game improvement. Informed sources stated that Nintendo's new host is likely to be the fusion of regular console and handheld function. Because the affiliate of Nintendo, the corporation accountable for the Pokemon Pokemon game character the authorization. Ishihara Kowa was interviewed on Tuesday, in response for the "social phenomenon in the international lead to of Pokemon GO>
    Since the launch in July, the download from the pocket monster GO> has exceeded 500 million times.
    Ishihara Kowa said that the company's sales of other solutions have also been boosted by the pocket monster GO>, the business hopes to introduce China and South Korea GO> pocket monster.
    With the rise of "Pokemon GO> heat, game player and analysts are concerned about whether or not the organization Pokemon games is going to be extended for the new platform, including Nintendo, codenamed" NX "a new generation of consoles. Nintendo has mentioned, NX. will be available in March subsequent year, informed sources mentioned, NX might at the same time because the classic console and handheld use.
    "NX will attempt to modify people's inherent inside the concept of traditional console and handheld devices," Ishihara Kowa mentioned, "we will likely be developing games for the NX"
    Ishihara Kowa refused to disclose the new game will turn into the NX listing with the very first game. For any game platform, the well-known game is extremely critical. In "promoting Pokemon GO>, Pokemon has develop into among the most preferred series of games all over the world.
    "I feel that the social repercussions caused by the pocket monster GO> is 10 times as considerably as we anticipated," Ishihara Kowa said.
    The game is introduced Chinese market place, Ishihara Kowa mentioned he wanted to do, but will have to 1st resolve the problem of Google map map. Pokemon depended on GO> is restricted in China and South Korea.
    Pokemon Nintendo holds a 32% stake in the corporation, its stock value soared simply because "Pokemon GO> hot. Nintendo mentioned," Pokemon GO> on business performance enhance is limited, for the reason that they do not straight sell the game. Nonetheless, Famitsu game information provider data show, Nintendo has been listed for 5 years and is developed for the 3DS the gear of the most current development from the Pokemon game sales > has risen, which would let Nintendo to benefit straight. Much more Pokemon game will probably be landing in November 3DS.
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