Sheik Ahmad for his RS gold

  • Sheik Ahmad for his presence at the FIFA elections.’Meanwhile, Ahmad has RS gold yet to explain why he was missing from his FIFA ExCo seat for a lot of the Congress. It has been claimed he was trying to shore up Salman’s support, without success. Ahmad was not available for comment.

    There is deep divide on the RFU Council after a motion to cut the number of teams from the third tier down was voted through by 27 votes to 25. Club representatives, who were strongly against the change, are furious that they were narrowly outvoted by councillors from the army, navy, air force and universities, who have no league administration to concern them and supported the motion.

    Now the RFU, after all the fuss and such a close vote, are having a re-think on the issue. The MCC have postponed work on rebuilding the Tavern and Allen stands at Lord’s because of the financial uncertainty over the Test match programme beyond 2019. This makes it more likely they will eventually accept the £100million offer from the Rifkind Levy Partnership for property development above the tunnels they own at the Nursery End. That issue has split the membership for years.

    The MCC have postponed work on rebuilding stands at Lord’s due cheap RuneScape gold the financial uncertainty over Test matches The ECB face their main opposition from Yorkshire and Lancashire to the introduction of a revamped, two-division Twenty20 competition from 2017.