The International Olympic to OSRS gold

  • The International Olympic Committee (IOC) should be fine. It took out OSRS gold cancellation insurance for this August's games in the Brazilian city years ago, long before the mosquito-borne virus spread from the country through the Americas.Anyone else who acted early is probably also safe. "

    Existing policies are unaffected and cover is provided," said Gary Flynn, at insurance broker JLT Specialty.But organisers still seeking protection are finding clauses that block any payout, should their event be called off due to the Zika outbreak. "

    are now excluding this peril from any new cancellation policy for events in an affected area," said Flynn, who is JLT's practice leader for sport federations.Insurers said they were unaware of any events being cancelled because of Zika, but underwriters are not taking any chances about the possible impact on sponsors or hospitality providers, as well as on other events in the region.

    Much about Zika remains unknown and a link with microcephaly in babies, a condition defined by unusually small heads that can result in developmental problems, has yet to be proved.Nevertheless, the World Health Organization has advised pregnant women against travelling to areas affected by the outbreak, due to the potential risk of birth defects.Some cheap RS gold organisations and countries have gone further.