If we still believe that is what osrs gold

  • Germany, France and Italy – all potential opponents for England before the osrs gold Final. And this may come as a surprise to some on here, but they do not set up like gung-ho nutters. Their attacks are surgical, and precise, not some random piling forward up the field leaving England to hit them on the counter, like mugs.

    If we still believe that is what attacking football is about on the continent, then we haven't been paying attention. Germany are world champions. Spain are European champions; four of the last five World Cup winners are in England's way, and four of the last five European champions. They didn't win those trophies by just recklessly having a go. They picked teams off. I think you're being a silly old Hector.The English media is crazy. First game: draw. Media verdict: Hodgson has no clue.

    Second game: win. Media verdict: contract extension for Hodgson. Third game: draw Media verdict: Hodgson has no clue. Instead of judging him game to game, why not judge him on the outcome of this tournament? RonaldinhoGod, New Delhi.I challenge you to find my 'contract extension for Roy' column – but you are right too much of the noise around England has us either on honeymoon or in the divorce courts.

    England are not in the Euros to give players game time – especially with cheap rs gold the job not done. Aaron, London.Agreed. When Hodgson talked of players getting a taste of the tournament I was puzzled. Gary Cahill's hip is a real worry, yet one of the few men who hasn't got a single minute is John Stones, his direct replacement.