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  • According to Amnesty International, Saudi Arabia executed 146 people in 2017 making it the world third runescape 2007 gold most prolific executioner after China and Iran. At least four Indonesians have been executed in Saudi Arabia since 2011. In March, the Jakarta Post reported that 20 Indonesians remained on death row in the country.

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    Activists say migrant workers in Saudi Arabia can be exploited under its visa sponsorship system, known as kafala. The kafala system is used in several Persian Gulf states. The Saudi government has made some efforts to reform the system, including setting up a website to inform foreigners of their rights, and some Saudis have called for it to be scrapped.

    Tursilawati was sentenced to death in 2011 for the premeditated murder of her employer in the Saudi city of Thaif the year before. The mother of one had arrived in Saudi Arabia only nine months before the crime occurred. Migrant Care, a group that supports the rights of Indonesians working aboard, said she had been fearful of being raped by the man and acted in self defense.

    The group also called on the Indonesian government to reverse a recent decision allowing a limited number of Indonesian migrant workers to seek employment in Saudi Arabia. In 2015, Indonesia had banned domestic workers from traveling to 21 Middle Eastern countries after reports of abuse.

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