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    Savio, I don't know the exact reason these hubbers have been banned. However, I would guess that it is because they failed to follow HubPages guidelines either those associated with responding to questions or with other HubPages activity such as forum participation, hubs, etc.

    I have found that the FAQ page is particularly useful for learning more about HubPages and it outlines a number of the guidelines I referred to earlier. The FAQ page is easy to find as it can be accessed through a link which appears in the drop down menu when you hover your pointer over your Hub name in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

    I hope this helps!Hello Savio. Great question! Banning from what little I know is a severe penalty if that word is chosen. The learning center will share those causes for that process of banning, which may be of consequential of immediacy, yet usually a process.I know, that does not answer the question. They must meet and adhere to protocol of those they have entered into a business agreement with, such as Google, Amazon, Ebay, and etc.

    They each have their own protocols too called Terms of Service, which are to be adhered to while being afforded their services at a predetermined cost.Awareness is the key, yet not necessarily to the point of requiring a legal mind. More legal ease could be said. It could be termed the difference between etiquette and manners. An example is here in the US there are different traffic laws from state to state.

    .Who knows why the people who have answered your questions or have followed you have been banned. People tend to follow people who are like they are. Maybe the people who are attracted to you or the questions you ask are people who have decided not to follow the rules. You're following the rules they're not. They got banned. HubPages makes it very clear about the things it takes to get banned. It's no secret. The Learning Center has all the rules right there in plain English. People get banned for any number of reasons. So, the question can't be answered completely. But, to find out what could have possibly happened, the Learning Center is a great starting point. The simple answer is that your followers didn't follow the rules and they got banned.

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