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  • ? I enjoy this video as much as the next guy, but it simply not the case for Jagex. If the "sales and cheap osrs gold marketing" people ran the company, you would see much better sales and marketing. This video is posted today, pushed to the top of the subreddit, and tomorrow there will be a complaint about how Jagex does no marketing or promotion of their games..

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    Limiting gold to 20% of your ammo count would give you 10 gold and 40 AP (minus however much HE you carrying) on a tank with 50 shells. That allows you to shoot 2 over armoured tanks 5 times each in a brawl you forced into before you out of luck with no means of evening out the fight with the Type 5/Maus/430U/etc. That you fighting.

    The difference between a white nationalist and white supremacist from my understanding is that white supremacist view whites as superior and advocate for white domination, while white nationalist want a state composed of whites. Those two things aren't mutually exclusive and their is overlap. Like someone who thinks whites are superior so the country should just be white.

    When video games are consistently launching as the largest entertainment properties each year Disney takes note. If you think they don't have people that watch that you are crazy. Licensing a game is basically just printing money for Disney. "We're not a race because you can't convert to a race. You can't decide to be black tomorrow," he said. "On the other hand, it's not a religion because you're not born into a religion.

    She returns and says "since you won offer a reduced lesson rate will you teach my daughter once a fortnight?". I say "that might be possible". Then the mother asks if I will teach her violin also. Instead of vendor trash, effectively every item in the game can be used in another skill, making a pretty complex and satisfying loop of resource management.

    Quests are also commendable (though often tedious) instead of being simple "kill 5 bears" for generic experience, they offer unique events, stories, and interactions with the world often granting the player new features, equipment, or abilities, among other content. Instead of doing quests to level faster, you level in order to do more quests.She watches a tutorial on nail art. She feels the bump of the driveway and looks up. They're home. Job can be done more properly? I don know if it just went over your head, but what don you get about return in investment? Why take the time to do the job more properly if it only increases a successful delivery by 0.001%? Taking more time for a tiny increase in success would waste more money. Maybe us Americans are a little smarter with our time. Do the math.

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