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    Check out some similar questions!Maytag Dryer does not dry in Auto Dry mode [ 23 Answers ]My Maytag dryer works well in the Timed Dry mode but in the Auto Dry mode it runs forever and does not dry well. In the Timed Dry mode it produces plenty of heat and works fine. What is happening in the Auto Dry mode that does not make the heat properly get to a level that allows the clothes to.Kenmore HE Front Loading Washer Does Not Spin Dry [ 5 Answers ]

    Funny thing is, in my bracket, you don even have to land perfect 3 man stomps to win teamfights. You blink in, get a 1 man stomp, wait until their entire team throws every single stun and nuke they have on you. You pipe and stampede out at half health, while your other cores can rush in and go crazy cuz every single enemy spell is on cd. 10 secs later you can blink back in to stomp whoever is still alive on their side. Ez teamfight win.

    I wish they labeled the locations of the US worlds more specifically than just a US flag (just throwing a W or E next to it would suffice). The servers now are split into US East and West. I can find exact data but it seems the West servers are somewhere in Reno or Las Vegas, and the East servers may be around NJ/NY. I get 27 ping to West servers and 83 ping to East (makes sense, I in Idaho right next to Nevada).

    It a huge difference (it actually a similar difference as the difference between US East and UK worlds, as I get about 150 on UK worlds, yet those have a different icon so I can easily tell), but the only way I can tell is either to manually ping the servers, remember the numbers of the west ones (I remember a few but I can remember the whole list), or look at the list.

    Hello: I have a Kenmore front loading HE washer 3.1CF that is a couple years old. Last week I moved it about 5 inches to pick up something between the washer dryer. When I moved the washer back did a load of clothes I found it no longer does the high RPM finish spin. The washer still fills.New washer not spinning clothes dry [ 1 Answers ]I have a new frt loading washer. Unfortunately, it is not spinning all the rinse water from the load. It is supposed to spin at 1050 rpms but it's not getting up to the fast spin cycle. I don't believe it is the machine because this is the third machine and a different manufacturer than the.

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