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  • Alternatively if they saw a toy they wanted to buy but have come short in cash because they used their runescape gold money for something else, teach them about patience and have them wait for their next allowance. It's not wise to pull out extra cash to buy them something they want straight away as this teaches them nothing about responsibility.

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    Young kids these days comprehend how to get what they want and understand why moms and dads won't give them, I think it is only wise of us as parents to not disregard our kids potential to understand money and how it works in our everyday life. (if we give in to them) or they have learnt the all important word "NO" from us.

    The common saying "One dollar for every age" is the general rule of thumb for pocket money. For a children budget, it doesn't need to be difficult to understand. Kids don't have to pay bills so up to about age 11, kids budget is focusing on what they receive and what they do with it. When they start elementary school, it would be wise to have a children budget drawn up for them.

    At these times, parents should start educate children about saving. Teaching children about saving is critical for later life. We as adults are so busy focusing on paying the bills we ourselves don't always prioritize savings. The rich men in the world will always tell you "pay yourself first". A simple principle of paying yourself first, if applied early in life will lead to great success for your child.

    Budgeting for kids should be implemented in a way that is visually attractive to the kids with lots of color and pictures, and of course fun doing it. Make sure your kids get to design the layout of the budget with grids for the days of the week and money descriptions with pictures example a piggy bank for savings, picture of mum and dad for the allowance, books, toys, food, gifts and donations.

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