Importance of Buying FIFA 17 Training Cards

  • Should I buy Training Cards? Read this article you will be not confused. For more information you can visit our site, you can buy fifa 17 points here too.


    It is very common to find beginners buying these cards thinking that the effects are permanent. It is not. It only lasts for one match. In our opinion, it is too expensive to use for just a single match.


    This type of card is essentially useful for the most important matches and when there are big prizes involved. This could be seen as an investment. However, even in these cases, there is a tendency to prioritise driving the game through the feet of the player with increased attributes and this often has the effect of distorting playing style.


    The training cards that give a boost to pace and heading are the most used.


    If you have stored head coaches or goalkeeper coaches on your club, you will get a bonus up to 50% when you apply a training card.