FUT 17 FUTTIES Cards Guides

  • FIFA 17 FUTTIES is an event driven by the FUT community, where fans are given the opportunity to vote in eleven different categories for their favourite players. The player with the most amount of votes in each category will receive a pink-coloured FUT card with upgraded stats. Now we will give you some information about FUT 17 FUTTIES, welcome to our site for more information and cheap fifa coins, you will not be disappointed.

    Introduction of FUT 17 FUTTIES Categories

    The FIFA 16 FUTTIES categories featured the following:

    Brick Wall – Best goalkeeper
    Get Stuck In – Best tackler
    Skiller’s Delight – Best skiller
    Pot Shots – Best long distance finisher
    Head First – Best at headers
    Two Footed Master – Best weak foot
    One Club Man – Most loyal
    Engine Room – Best workrate
    Most Improved – Biggest year on year improvement
    The Maestro – Most creative player
    Class is Permanent – Best return to form
    We expect to see the same, if not similar categories included during the FUT 17 FUTTIES. We may even see brand new categories added!

    The Beginning of FIFA 17 FUTTIES Voting Period

    During the week between July 22nd-29th 2016, 44 nominees were given special pink-coloured cards in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. These card’s stats remained exactly the same as their regular versions, but all had the potential to receive upgrades during the week following the nomination period (after July 29th). The winning items were also available in FIFA packs for seven days, starting on July 29th. To clarify, we would expect the following time frames for the FIFA 17 FUTTIES:

    Voting to take place for a period of one week during July 2017, potentially earlier this year as we do not have the European Championships or World Cup to contend with.
    Winners to be announced during the week following this period.

    If you win pink FUTTIE card in your club, these will happen.

    Using FUT 16 as a basis, if you own a pink FUTTIE item in your club and they receive the most votes in their relevant category, we would expect them to automatically receive a special stats boost and feature a gold trim. This will signify their accomplishment and the upgrade will be automatic. Please note that if you own the regular version of the pink card, they will not automatically turn pink or be upgraded for winning.