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  • The beginning clothes are also decorative items that go  maplestory m buy mesos  on your actual equipment so that you won't need to choose between your equipment and your outfit and can rock your appearance all the way up to level cap in the event that you so choose.MapleStory 2 can be performed with three different control approaches. After trying three I know for sure that I can not suggest the mouse and keyboard controls, this ended up feeling wonky.


    The keyboard controllers on the other hand offered a recognizable layout for a experienced Maplestory enthusiast to enjoy. In the long run, I found I preferred on account of the game's 3D nature, I felt as though this might be a no-brainer and the control support controls best.Questing is the same as it was in the MapleStory. You talk to an NPC and they send you someplace to perform various things such as talking to a different NPC, delivering an item, defeating enemies, etc..


    There is humor to the dialogue and situations your personality faces, while overall its rather straightforward.1 such side assignment had me send pizza to building workers at the peak of a building site but you have to occasionally put off your box of pizzas to fight hungry animals hoping to stop you. There isn't really much to say here other than that it is classic MapleStory questing with the story that can be both humorous and overly dramatic.


    Cinematic cutscenes can be found in the narrative which add to the feel of this game's overall production value.Those that are worried that MapleStory 2 would be a grind to level a character can put those worries to rest. I found a slew of approaches to get exp from the game without you having to grind the same monsters over and over again. Best online shop to buy cheap Maplestory M Mesos for all servers on MMOGO.COM