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  • But what if you do not have access to a high-speed internet connection to use Nvidia's streaming service? Do not fret as there is another way to play MapleStory in your own Mac, but it is going to come at a price of storage and performance space. Full disclaimer: we haven't analyzed MapleStory specifically with this procedure, so keep at your own risk.If you're prepared to give it a go, another way to play MapleStory on Mac is to divide your Mac hard drive and run Windows 10 onto a separate partition using Apple's Boot Camp software.


    This method takes you to (semi-permanently) partition  Buy FUT 19 Coins your hard drive and sacrifice a big chunk of Mac storage space, so consider your options before doing this.We propose supplying your Boot Camp partition with as much storage as you can, as the game and operating system is going to have a considerable quantity of distance - MapleStory is 14GB while Windows 10 requires around 20GB.


    Admittedly you may alter the size of your partition once you've set up Windows 10, but it might create problems -- read more about how to partition your Mac's HDD here.If you would like to go down the Boot Camp path, take a look at our instructions on how best to conduct Windows 10 on Mac using Boot Camp. Once it is set up, simply install Steam and MapleStory and match on!


    As said above, functionality may be sub-optimal  FIFA 19 Coins depending upon the specification of your Mac, so you might need to tweak settings for an adequate gameplay experience.An Angel has Landed in Maplestory!Anime seems to be all within my internet world right now. Nexon, the group behind MapleStory have not been slow to jump on board since they unveil the MaplStory x Evangelion occasion.